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SEO CodeBreaker – Topic 2 Market Research

SEO CodeBreaker – Topic 2 Market Research

Well let's discuss the videos for Topic 2 of the upcoming SEO CodeBreaker. Many people, as SEO-Master Charles Kirkman points out, completely neglect this very important part. Without the proper research it would be like going out on a hunt at night time without knowing the terrain or what wild life surrounding the area. With proper research a person can prepare himself / herself to adequately tackle whatever market they have chosen, even next to impossible markets.

1. Most people skip the first and most important step in getting top search engine rankings. Before you can enter into any market you need to see how much competition there is and how hard or easy it will be to get to the front page.

– A very important part of the program and one everyone should pay attention too. This is the beginning of researching the competition. This is the introduction to this Topic.

2. How to take a real look at the competition. You need to be able to understand the Financial Motivation for being in the market. The most competitive markets are very profitable to those who are already there.

-This explains more in depth on why a person must do research. If a person understands the financial motivation behind a market they are capable of having leverage over such market.

3. Light competition characteristics. Find out how in 10 minutes or less you can find out if a niche is worth dominating. Just because you can get a top spot does not mean you should.

4. Medium competition characteristics. Medium competition markets tend to be the most profitable. This allows you to enter into a market and become very profitable with only minimum effort. Also it is easier to maintain your position.

5. Medium and hard competition characteristics. Getting into the market can be very profitable if you have the time and resources to battle it out for the long run. This is where most of the money is made.

– Videos 3, 4 and 5 are very interesting. It helps understand the characteristics of every market type. Is it profitable to be in a particular market? Sure it will not have a lot of competition but that does not mean it will be profitable. This set of videos help you gauge each competition and how to best approach it.

6. Next to impossible competition characteristics. There will be some markets that are very hard to enter into without using long tail keywords and a long-term plan.

– This video talks about the final competition characteristic. Next to impossible requires some heavy duty research as well as excellent keyword research. Without these the person best move on. However as the name implies it is next to impossible but not quite impossible to enter a market of this type. Just do not expect to dominate it without a well thought and well laid out plan.

7. Resources to see and compare market popularity. This is a quick way to see how much buzz and competition there is in a market.

8. Understand how Google PR works and the real way to check back links. Checking Google Page Rank and back links are a fast way to gauge how much work you will need to do in order to get a top listing.

– This video teachers how to gauge Page Rankings. Little known fact, which I observed myself: many first position pages in Google do not really have a very good PR. If a person knows how to use this to their advantage with the right plans and tactics they can get a sudden advantage over such pages.

9. Market research summary. This is your first step to search engine success. Do not skip this or take it for granted because it has the power to make or break your success.

– And the final but most important part of Topic 2. The reason you do research is to know how much work you have cut out for you, to work on a plan, to prepare yourself before hand. Knowing these things will help you consistently implementing the SEO Codebreaker logic.

Topic 2 is considered the make or break section of SEO CodeBreaker. If people skip on this part and try to check out the more advanced stuff, then they should not expect any real progress, since they have no idea of ​​what they really are doing. No point jumping in to use the techniques taught by Charles Kirkman if the person does not know how to correctly and efficiently apply them.



Source by Issac Frost

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