SEO Myth Or Reality


Why there is always a dilemma about the functionality of search engine optimization as an internet marketing tool? For the common users of internet, SEO may flash across their mind as a very technical term that they might not be able to comprehend easily. An organization or individual who are going to use the medium of websites for the promotion of their products, services or policies must be very well aware of the significance of SEO. In fact, the performance of your website can be enhanced by the implementation of search engine optimization tool. But have any superior idea ever crossed your mind about the possibility of improving the ranking of your websites when tool of search engine is utilized in internet searching.

But millions of internet users always find themselves in a catch-22 about the veracity of SEO. For many it is a puzzle which is difficult to solve but for some it is a reality that is hard to avoid. First, lets’ understand the reality aspect of SEO. In the world of web, SEO tool is not only used to enhance the ranking of a website but also make the best possible use of each and every page of your website. Before optimizing your website you should carry out a survey of what the potential clients would like to see in your site. Every single page of your site must be customized according to the preferences or profit of your clients.

The second most important aspect in SEO is the frequency of the primary word. Primary word is the one which appears more frequently in the content and which will also form the basis of optimization of a particular website. While optimizing the content you need to include the primary or keyword in the space of fifty words so as to maximize its frequency. Display of pages and also the display of inter-links within a website are vital for achieving higher ranking in the search engine.

There are some myths circulating in the SEO market which you need to be aware of. Firstly, never ever believe the companies which make the promise of listing your website in Top-10 list. Don’t get carried away by such false promises. Always take a look at the success achieved in reality.

Secondly, hiring search engine optimization experts in online marketing cannot always guarantee to you greater profit. Instead, create your own team of SEO experts specialized in content writing, advertising and graphic designers. The internal panel will have a better sensitivity towards the organization requirements and will also cost you less.

Thirdly, frequency of the primary word can yield positive as well as negative results. If the repetition of the primary word is more than the limit, it can be pushed to a lower ranking.

Fourthly, before opting for outside SEO services, always keep in mind that it’s not necessary to surrender your website to the company hired for optimization.

Fifthly, do not enter into a long term contractual agreement unless both the parties have reputable industry association except you are content with the development on both the sides.

Source by Ashima Bhatnagar

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