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SEO Success – How Do You Measure the Success of Your SEO Effort

SEO Success – How Do You Measure the Success of Your SEO Effort

In Singapore, many companies still measure the success of their SEO effort by looking at the ranking of their main keywords. The search engine optimization industry in Singapore is still at its infancy stage and this explains why companies are still hanging on to the idea of ​​keyword rankings for SEO.

The measurement of ROI for SEO is never based on keyword ranking; it should be based on overall organic traffic and conversions. Personally, I feel that although you can get a keyword to rank high on the first page of Google and generate tons of traffic to your website, but if there is no conversion, it will not benefit your business at all.

In SEO, we need to target buyer keywords and make sure that searchers who type this kind of keywords can find your website. And to achieve this, you must target the right keyword theme and make sure that the content and tagging of your website revolve around the theme.

Although SEO is a very tedious and time-consuming process, it is very beneficial in the long run. In order to know the result of your SEO effort, you need to track the progress of it. The first step in doing this is to use a website statistical program to track the numbers of your website. Google Analytic is a great tool to track your SEO effort. It is free of charge. You just need to place the code in every page of your website that you wish to track and it will start to collect data. Do take note that if the domain name of your website is new, it may take at least up to 3 months before you can see any result from SEO with your analytical tool.

Once your optimization starts to go underway, you should expect to see that some of your traffic is referred by search engines. With the tool, you can know the keywords that your visitors type to find your website. You can also track the path that your visitors take when they reach your website. By tracking the path of your visitors, you can discover unexpected information about your site. For example, if you see a majority of your visitors are typing a particular keyword to find your site, but most of them leave your site immediately when they reach your landing page. This means that the content and keyword theme of your landing page are not relevant to your target audience and you should try to change it right away.

If your website is not an e-commerce site, you must have some form of tracking in order to know the conversion of your SEO effort. One simple way is to ask every of your prospects who call to inquire about your service some questions. Do not be afraid to ask them how they find your website. How did you find us? Is it from organic or paid listings? The answers you get from them can help you to calculate the ROI of your SEO effort.

If you never track the performance of your SEO effort, you will never know how well you have done. So, start tracking conversion now.


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