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SEO Terms Can Be Tricky

SEO Terms Can Be Tricky

What is a site map? What is keyword density? What is SEO? If you work on computers or if you just hop on to shop or check social media you may have encountered some words or phrases that make you stop and say 'huh?' You're not alone. There are so many words and phrases out there that are tricky to understand, but once you do a collective 'ah!' goes through the place. What is a walled garden? Is it somewhere to grow roses? See what I mean?

A site map is just like any other map, only it's not hard to re-fold as you're driving down the highway. A site map is something on a website that allows you the user to easily find what you are looking for on the site as it easily links each page to every other page. All the fun of a real map without the hassle.

Keyword density. Does that matter? What is it? Well, it is the percentage of words on a page of a specific keyword. And yes, it does matter. If you own a site and you repeat a phrase (a keyword) too much so it is unnatural the search engines will ding you for that and your site will not rank as highly as you'd like. Search engines want natural language, pages that make sense and those without keyword stuffing. It makes it easier to read for us users and in turn will make us spend more time on the site.

And what about that walled garden? Back in Tudor times a walled garden was a main feature of many castles. It was the thing to do back then and it allowed only those authorized people to gain access. In computer speak a walled garden is a group of pages that are linked to each other but not linked to any other pages. Remember that linking pages is a good thing in search engine land, so these pages would probably not be ranked that highly and may not even get a good list of choices based on your search. Not a good thing for anyone, as it turns out.

A white hat is a good thing. It means that a site is using all the best techniques, has pleased the search engines and refrains for anything negative or untrustworthy. In short, this is a site you should visit once it is matched to your search.


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