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SEO Tip: Proper Way Of Doing Link Building Through Social Media

SEO Tip: Proper Way Of Doing Link Building Through Social Media

Keeping the traffic to your site and PageRank in search engines is such a tough challenge for a long time now. There are so many strategies out there that help you do that.

One strategy though that has kept many SEO specialists always skeptical is the use of Social Media for building links to your site. With the mystery popularity of these social networking sites, it may present a very good avenue for a good PageRank and site traffic,

But the operative word there is MAY, but not for sure. It's not at all sure that it will attract and keep the stream of visitors to your site.

Sure with Twitter and a gazillion of followers plus a link to your website might entice you and let you think that you could really build a good following of your site, but seriously it does not guarantee you anything at all.

Search engines look for quality of content in indexes; therefore you tweeting a link to your website to your 1,000 or more followers will not mean you will be on a top page of search results in search engines. The largest factors at good quality content will be how far your link will spread and how greatly the followers of your site spread the link to your website.

Building links through Social Media is not about putting a link of your website out there and not doing any follow-up. Tendency is, it will be shared once or twice but after that, people just tend to forget about it.

You will need a good reputation plus a good network of followers and avid readers to really spread the popularity of your site. This is general to all social networking sites and not just Twitter and Facebook.

Nowadays, some social media bookmarking sites give sites a direct do-follow link. These sites feature your website on a category or sometimes the front page.

With what I have mentioned it may seem you can not use Social Media for building links, but you can! There are proper ways like:

  1. Choose the right sites to network your site with and find features on that site that would give relevance or recognition to your site. Some of these social media sites feature websites with really good content and share it among its users, this is your goal.
  2. Create a high quality content that is linkable. With great content it's highly likable that your website will spread through these sites like wildfire.
  3. Promote your high quality content site to the makers or masters of these social media sites. Once you catch their attention, they will be the ones to promote your website to their users.
  4. Let the people from these sites provide a link to your website. This will make your site more legit.


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