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SEO Tips – Search Engine Optimization Tools For Better Rankings

SEO Tips – Search Engine Optimization Tools For Better Rankings

If you use SEO to drive traffic to your website, your life will be much more easier if you will use some SEO tools. This article comes with tips to a few very important SEO tools that may help you to optimize your website more effectively.

Tip # 1:
Google pagerank checker. There are many online tools allowing to check your website's pagerank. If you do not want to use online tools, there is an alternate called Google Toolbar. This toolbar can be installed to your browser and will show you pagerank values ​​of all pages you surf. This tool may be important for those who are selling links because customers are interested to buy links on websites with strong pagerank.

Tip # 2:
Keyword density tools – these search engine optimization tools are important when building up your website. They are able to check your keyword density and the best SEO tools also check the keyword prominence and another important SEO factors. To use keyword density tool simply add your website URL and the tool will analyze it. Ideal density of single keyword may be between 3% – 6%. Keyword density of phrases may be a little higher.

Tip # 3:
Search status – Firefox extension. This extension can highlight nofollow links, ie links which are ignored by search engines. Why is this important? If you plan to build backlinks using articles, forum posting or blog commenting, you should make sure that the links you are building are dofollow otherwise you only lose your time. Search status also comes with a few other functions like showing backlinks, indexed pages, whois or robots.txt.


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