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Boost the Productivity of Your Website With WordPress Plugins

When it began in 2003, WordPress was just a "blogging platform". Then, what led to its engrossing popularity? What made WordPress the top choice or Website developers? Since its release, WordPress has been evolving with each passing day. It has been working over the years to improve its interface, functionalities, and services. Among its various commendable moves it has been making towards improvisation, one of the largest was to offering WP plug-ins to the users. To remind you, plug-ins are the tools that allow users to add certain additional functionalities to their existing websites, making them more productive. Let us have a look at the key benefits of using WordPress plug-ins to build your websites: Enhanced Security Since WordPress is an Open-Source platform where professio...[Read More]

The Ten Traits a Successful Developer Must Have

Web Development and App Development are not a cake walk. A Successful developer puts in years of hard work in order to create the masterpiece websites. Moreover, the growing trend of digital marketing has made websites and apps very important and according to a survey done by a Website Development Company, more business is expected to be done using online media than offline media in the coming future as more and more people are getting inclined towards technology. What traits a successful developer must have? There are a few traits which are very important for a developer to have. By taking inputs from a prominent Web Development Company and a Software Development Company, we have listed down ten most important traits needed by a good developer: Curiosity: In order to become a successful d...[Read More]

Why Focus on Content Writing?

The marketing of content means conveying the messages about services and products sold on the website. The strategy comes in when someone creates content by keeping in mind what exactly the purpose of article writing is. Randomly created articles and blog posts might look too many words and density and the website may get traffic but then if you see the conversion, there are not satisfactory results. This is because, when someone does not know what the purpose is, the content writing and affiliate marketing confuses the visitor and this ends in vain. No matter how the company approaches content writing but then content written without any strategy is something whistling in the dark. Making the website top on search engine result pages is not an overnight or over the week's task. One ha...[Read More]

Long-Tail Vs. Short-Tail Keywords: Pros and Cons

Most businesses that are not well-versed in SEO still understand the basics of keywords. Most companies use broad keywords or short-tail keywords in their Internet marketing strategies. But many companies don’t understand that there are narrow keywords or long-tail keywords that can also be beneficial for SEO purposes. Understanding the benefits and disadvantages for both long-tail and short-tail keywords can help your company create better marketing strategies. Short-Tail Keywords What are short-tail keywords? These are the broad search terms that people use when they are researching information on the Internet. For example, they can start with a simple one word term such as beds. This one word, when entered into the search box, will bring up many different websites for the person t...[Read More]

How to Promote Non Profit Websites – Part One

Like any other websites, if you want people to know about your non profit website, you must promote it on the internet. Your non profit organization may have very noble goals, might be very charitable, but if you do not promote it, it will probably be lost among billions of web pages on the internet. Promotion of a Non Profit Website Actually promotion of a non profit website is not much different than promotion of any other website. Your task should be easier though, because you will not have to compete with all the business and other commercial websites. Still, you must the world let know about your non profit or charity organization, about your noble goals and activities. In this way you will be able to collect pledges through your website and find volunteers who will help you with the ...[Read More]

How to Create a Successful Online Blog

Thousands of online users have already started their blogs and each day that number continues to increase. With such a high number of blogs already in existence, it is becoming extremely difficult to create a blog that stands out and grabs the reader’s attention. It’s no longer about simply publishing unique content, because there are more variables in play that the content alone. A popular blog is going to utilize the capabilities of today’s technology and meets the various demands of the current public. At the same time, avoiding some fairly common mistakes will make the trip much smoother. The following tips will cover some of these problem areas that you should avoid while establishing your online presence. Your blog content, however great it might be, will eventually...[Read More]

5 Website Design No-Nos

When trying to rank well, many webmasters will think about standard search engine optimization techniques. For example, having a lot of high quality content, several incoming links from other websites and using good keywords are all ways that a website can rank better in the search engines. Unfortunately, sometimes the design of the website may be the last thing thought about when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) and the website’s design can actually hurt how much traffic the website receives and where it is listed in the search engine results.There are a lot of website design no-nos that a designer or webmaster can make that will effect SEO and the amount of traffic the website receives. It is important to note these items before a website is started because it is harder...[Read More]

Simple WooCommerce Tips to Make Your Store Better

Consider the Navigation of Your WooCommerce Store We recommend you to flatten the navigation of your website. A flat website architecture shortens the number of clicks a customer will need to perform to reach their desired destination, and it’s a pretty popular model. They will display the links to their most popular pages plus any new or highly relevant content (like sales, or limited-edition products). With the help of this flattened, condensed menu structure the number of clicks between the homepage and the deepest layer (or customer destination page) is greatly reduced. As a result, a visitor of your online shop will find the needed page easily. The most important of this navigation model is a great way to improve your SEO since it makes your site easier for search engine bots to...[Read More]

Boost Your Business Prospects With A Top Web Development Company

Going online is the best decision to take to give your business an ever-ending pool of opportunities. If your business is not on the internet, it will never be able to find a vast market to cater. In today’s time, it’s important to make a real-time engagement with your target audience and take their feedback and reviews. And this benefit is only possible when your business is online. First of all, you should get a website developed as you will need a web-based product to reach the internet. Blogs, portals and other custom products can also serve the purpose wherever needed. The website thus developed has to be rich in features, and it should have all the functionalities needed to run a business successfully. It has to list products in a clear way, it has to deliver ease of acce...[Read More]

Internet Marketing Courses – A Virtual World of Opportunities

Of late, there has been an exponential increase in the demand for internet marketing courses. The reasons behind this are not hard to understand. The whole world is witnessing the worst recession in the recent times. One of the immediate fallouts of the liquidity crunch and the resultant collapse of several large financial institutions is the reduction of several job opportunities. For companies that search for ways to cut cost, reducing the salary expenditure is a comparatively easier option. So, either the salary is cut, or worse, job is permanently lost. Also, finding a new job in the present circumstances is frighteningly difficult. In this scenario, more and more people are looking for some independent part-time or full-time jobs. Thankfully, the internet, with its abundance and spont...[Read More]

Why Should Your Business Go For WordPress Development?

With a more than efficient CMS and a popularity that goes beyond the limit set by the sky, WordPress development has brought to one of the most exciting times of the ongoing tech revolution. Having more than 60 million people across the world using this platform, WordPress seems to have offered not just a unique, but probably the perfect solution to every business need out there. The question that comes to mind then, is that what’s the reason that almost every business solution today starts with the intervention of a WordPress development company? Let’s look at the possible answers: Not Too Expensive at All! With WordPress, you can never run into any budgetary problems, as it’s been made in open source, and is absolutely free of cost. No license fee, no nothing at all! Pl...[Read More]

Digital Marketing Services – Should Be Kept in-House or Outsourced

We hear a lot about all new entrepreneurs, startups and all that fascinating stuff. Innovative ideas, great products, and wonderful solutions for people around the world, we see a huge expansion in the self-employed status of people, everyone is ready to initiate their first step towards Entrepreneurship. Starting up with a plan. Getting a product or service ready is the first ladder that startups and business entrepreneurs count on, and once this is taken care of, the second and the most important factor of a business is to make people aware of the fact that "yes we exist" . This is where marketing comes in the pictures, a planned strategy is placed on the table and a team is prepared to execute the plan, the teams can be in-house or outsourced to companies, outsourcing helps in...[Read More]

Landing, Squeeze, And Splash Pages – The Differences

Landing page vs. squeeze page vs. splash page – what are they, and what sets them apart from each other? Do you need them for your website? The answer to the latter question is yes, yes and no. As you will discover by reading this article, you do need both a landing page and a squeeze page, while a splash page is completely unnecessary, contrary to popular opinion. Landing Page A landing page is simply where a visitor ‘lands’ after clicking on a link that directs him/her to your website. For example, if you advertise your bicycle store on Google, and someone clicks on it, the page they are redirected to is your landing page. If you used SEO and got an article about pillow cases to rank well and somebody clicked on it, they would be redirected to your pillow case article. ...[Read More]

Search Engine Results & Keyword Researching

Alright, so it’s been awhile. How ya doin, excellent? Let’s go. Have you ever been figuring out strategies to do long-tail keywords and keyword research efficiently? So have I. Personally I think as that you develop your personal technique that works and however you discover your keywords is good, as long as it really works. Here are 3 free tools that I use to search for both short and long-tail keywords. 1) This website is awesome. The website has some of the most needed tools for you the blogger, internet marketer, SEO, etc. It ranges from tools such as a spider-view checker, keywords suggestion tool, alexa rank checker and all other types of stuff. Alright, before I proceed, I must confess that all the tools I listed don’t seem to work after I told you a...[Read More]

SEO – Article Exchange

Most experts in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will recommend the use of knowledge-based articles as a key component to your site’s overall health and search engine visibility. Applicable articles are solid SEO performers because they increase site rankings while providing your potential customers with the information they need to make an informed choice regarding your product or service. Another solid performer for SEO is inbound links to your website. For instance if there are 100 websites that link to your website this indicates your site has something worth visiting. If you have thousands of links it will register a greater level of trust in your site. Inbound links coupled with knowledge-based content is the premise of various ‘Article Exchange’ programs. In essenc...[Read More]