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Seven Step Viral Virtual Property Instant Business Action Plan

Seven Step Viral Virtual Property Instant Business Action Plan

Viral marketing has proven to be one of the most successful marketing strategies of the 21st century. A new idea combines viral marketing with virtual property to generate a substantial online income. Welcome to the dawn of the virtual property tycoon.

What is viral marketing?

The phrase ‘viral marketing’, I believe, was coined by the creators of Every email that was sent from a Hotmail address had “get your own hotmail address” at the bottom. The result was word of their service spread exponentially around the internet. Loads of people subscribed and Hotmail was soon sold for over one hundred million to and are other obvious examples of viral marketing. The common denominator here is that these businesses set something in motion and it grew like a snowball rolling down a mountain. This is what happens with viral virtual property.

How does viral virtual property work?

Step 1. Think of a niche subject that you would like to promote, for example, golf or fitness. Then go and find some public domain books on that niche. (Remember public domain means they have no copyright so you can do what you want with them). Try sites like and have a dig around. Order the books, making sure you will receive them in word format, and these will become your viral virtual property.

Step 2. Turn your public domain content into a PDF using PDF converter software that ensures all your clickable hyperlinks still work when converted to PDF format. (PDF is a digital book format that can be read on both MACS and PC’s).

Step 3. Go to and type in “golf affiliate program” or whatever niche market you are going after. Sign up as an affiliate to some of these golf affiliate programs. It won’t cost you a thing. A great place to find these is at

By signing up as an affiliate you will get a special link for you to promote that product. If people click on your affiliate link and buy whatever you are promoting you receive a commission. Sign up to at least three separate affiliate programs and obtain an affiliate link for each.

Step 4. On the front page of the public domain book you ordered add a distribution paragraph that says this:

“You may pass this onto anyone interested in this subject. Please distribute it to friends and family and anyone else you may wish to”.

Step 5. Underneath your distribution paragraph have “Recommended Resources” and have your affiliate links to the products you are promoting there.

Step 6. Type in “(niche) forum”. So you’d type in “golf forum” if you had golf books. Forums are like online notice boards where people interested in the same subjects can “hang out” online.

Make a few posts and just comment on what other people are saying. The key here is you don’t want to come across as a marketer. Instead you want to come across as just another forum member.

Step 7. After a week or so of posting in your niche forum once or twice a day post a link to the downloadable eBook you have created that contains your affiliate links.

Here’s what will happen. People in the forum will download your book and read it. If they click on your affiliate link and buy the product you are promoting you’ll earn a commission.

The real power comes though when people start to spread your downloadable viral eBook around. They’ll send it to other people interested in the niche, who will pass it on to others, who will pass it on to others, and so on. Anytime someone clicks on your affiliate link and buys the product you make money.

Think about that for a second. You spend less than an hour altogether setting this up and posting in forums. And just one eBook can spread around the internet like wildfire. Whilst a few hundred may initially see the eBook on the forums, thousands, tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of people will see it as it gets passed from one person to another.

Keeping things realistic, one of these viral virtual property ideas could make you say a hundred dollars a day. You then just rinse and repeat the process and watch your income grow. Truth is though if you hit a home run with one of these you could have viral virtual property making you a serious passive income day in day out. How’s that for a business!


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