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Short And Long Term Marketing Strategies in Network Marketing Internet Business

Short And Long Term Marketing Strategies in Network Marketing Internet Business

In network marketing internet business, you can still adopt the marketing strategy of traditional network marketing. That is warm market strategy, to market the business among friends and relatives. Some people may hate chasing their friends and relatives. So, what are the short and long term marketing strategies you plan for your business?

Short Term Marketing Strategies

  1. Use social media online effectively such as Facebook and twitter. Share your life, your expertise and your experiences in MLM internet business. Build a credible business fan page in Facebook. You have to deliver values in social media online so people will notice you as an expert or a leader.
  2. Advertisements. This is the quick way to generate leads from paid online advertisements such as PPC Facebook, Google AdWords and other online classifieds Ads.
  3. Market to your warm list of friends, neighbour and relatives.

Long Term Marketing Strategies

  1. Blogging. You can use free blogging platforms such as or blogger. But, if you want to blog professionally, you will have to use WordPress blog from Blog often about your MLM internet business because blog is like your own free publishing media.
  2. Search Engine Optimization. In order to get your website or blog ranked high in the search engine, you need to learn search engine optimization such as select the right keywords, optimize your website or blog for particular keywords and build quality inbound links.
  3. Article Marketing. If article marketing is done effectively, it will give free promotion for your business. Article directories give you one way backlinks to your website or blog or people may use your articles and your business will get more exposure.
  4. Video Marketing. Video can be used to explain about the products and the business opportunity so people will get excited about them and they finally join your business. You can also create a viral video which seems to convey casual message such as happy birthday but the video carries your website or blog address.
  5. Attraction Marketing. People are normally attracted to good things or people with good personality. In MLM internet business, people do not join your business because of the products or business opportunity. They join the business because of you. You have leadership quality to lead them and you have skills to teach them how to do the business.

In the beginning, you can apply short term marketing strategies. But, if you want to stay long enough in network marketing internet business, you will apply long term marketing strategies gradually. I believe that there will be new internet marketing strategies that can be developed and applied to network marketing business in the future.


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