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Silver Coin Investment Programs Compared

Silver Coin Investment Programs Compared

With the growing interest in protecting one’s wealth from the evils of inflation with silver and gold, there has been much hype on the Internet, as numerous silver coin programs have appeared almost overnight. The price of silver has been rising in recent years, from about $3.50 an ounce in 2000 to almost $19.00 an ounce today. That, combined with the devaluation of the U.S. Dollar has clearly fueled a growing trend of people becoming more interested in precious metals.

I would like to explore some of the pros and cons of several of the more popular silver coin investment programs to help you choose which might be best for you.

Silver Snowball is a well established simple program offering it’s members a single-tier affiliate program that allows its members to get real.999 silver bullion American Eagle coins with a “Coin of the Month” program. You get in the mail your own silver coins each month as you earn bonus coins when you market the program to others. The company provides you with a replicated website to promote the “coin of the month” program to others and you earn 1 silver coin for every two your customers order from the website.

While Silver Snowball is a great program for most people, its downside is because its compensation plan does not appeal to MLMers who like growing an organization and earn from the efforts of others. Unlike MLM programs, there is no recruiting, sponsoring, or matrix building, only commissions earned from direct sales to customers of its silver/gold accumulation program.

Numis Network came on the network marketing scene with its MLM structure attracting mostly MLM heavy hitters with flashy websites and a hyped advertising pitch. Numis Network is all about graded silver and gold collectible numismatic coins carefully inspected and ultrasonically encapsulated to preserve their beauty. These coins are best suited for knowledgeable collectors who understand the values of rare coins. Numismatic coins carry a high premium compared to standard bullion coins and when you try to sell these coins; you need to find the right buyer willing to pay the price you want.

For the seasoned MLMer who can grow large dowlines and get them to do the same, Numis might be the right avenue. However, for the average person without the specialized knowledge of numismatic coins and a large following with deep pockets, the high cost of entry and pricey collectible numismatic coins are beyond the reach of most people.

XAG Network has exploded on the MLM landscape with their precious metal investment program. Their product is standard uncirculated.9999 pure Silver bullion coins from various government mints at a very reasonable cost. XAG is the currency symbol for Silver; the most demanded are the America Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, Australian Kookaburra, Austrian Philharmonic, Chinese Panda and Mexican Liberated. XAG network features the Canadian Maple Leaf, the purest silver bullion coin minted by any government.

Of interest to network marketers is the XAG Network 5×8 forced matrix. There are only five people on the first level with others spilling over below those 5 members down eight levels. This is by far the most popular way to earn in the Network Marketing industry and is a very affordable alternative to the more expensive programs allowing a great opportunity for the silver enthusiast who believes in the network marketing model. They have three membership levels to choose from making it easy for the beginner or experienced network marketer to get started.

As I mentioned before, numerous programs are popping up on the Internet as more people are becoming interested in precious metals. Some of these offer privately minted silver or gold bullion coins, and there are even a few whose products are highly questionable or non-existent at all.

As with any business opportunity, you should carefully evaluate the program you want to participate in and do your due diligence before joining any of them.

There is a serious amount of money to be made in the silver bullion market as a record number of people are flocking to the safety of silver and gold. If you have a flair for Internet marketing or network marketing, want to protect your wealth while accumulating real value in silver bullion, then a silver investment program deserves your attention.


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