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Simple Keyword Research for Beginners

Simple Keyword Research for Beginners

Keyword research forms the backbone of all online marketing. As such it is one of the most important steps and time should be taken to do it properly.

Keywords are the words and phrases a user may type into a search engine in order to find information about a particular subject. For the online marketer, it is very useful information to know what people are typing into their browsers to find a particular product or service. In fact, keyword research should form the backbone and foundation of all internet marketing activities.

Say you had a business opportunity that you wanted to promote, it would be a useful thing to know the demand for the product before you entered the market, it saves time and money!

When you know the demand for a particular product or service, you can see whether it is viable and profitable to enter the marketplace. If you already have a product or service and just want to promote it, keyword research would tell you what people are typing into their browsers in order to find certain products. You can then find the keywords with the most demand and target those in your marketing campaigns.

So how do we find what people are searching for and what keywords they are typing into their browsers to find a particular product or service? Well, there are several ways to do keyword research.

The best way is the cheapest way and that is to use your brain! That’s right, use your brain. Put yourself into the shoes of your target customer, who are you aiming at? Who are your customers? If you were a customer looking for your product/service, what would you type into a search engine to try and find it? Simply brainstorm and jot down everything! I mean everything, do not discriminate at this point, you can do that later.

The other way to find a list of keywords is to use commercial software tools, they are very useful to save time. Two of the most popular are Keyword Elite and Ad Word Analyzer.

Once you have a keyword list, you need to find out the demand for those keywords. The demand is the number of searches the keyword gets per day or per month. Once you have this information, you then want to find the competition for it. The software tools makes this easier but you can do it for free as explained next.

The competition is the number of pages listed in the organic search listings. If you look at the top right of the Google main window you will see a number, that is, the number of pages that Google has listed under that search term. Understand that this does not give you the true figure. To get a more accurate figure, put the keyword you are researching, within an apostrophe. So, search “business opportunities” and the number you get is 26,200,000 (without the apostrophe, the number of pages is 187,000,000!). This gives you a truer picture of the competition.

As you can see, with our example keyword, ‘business opportunities’, the competition is massive at over 26 million pages listed! It would not be wise to target this keyword as we are highly unlikely to get a decent ranking for it. You want to find keywords or phrases with high demand and low competition. What is high and what is low is subjective and also depends on the industry.

When you have a combination of keywords with their demand and competition data, you can then assess which market niche is profitable to enter.


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