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Singapore Package: Top 7 Restaurants To Visit During A Singapore Tour

Singapore Package: Top 7 Restaurants To Visit During A Singapore Tour

Asia is not just an ideal vacation destination for its unique history and great sightseeing. It is also a delight for the foodies. And no one serves you food better than Singapore, one of the richest and most food-loving nations in the world. Right from its exotic beaches (of Sentosa) to its flyovers and flyers (the famous Singapore Flyer), the country notches up plenty of attractions which can be enjoyed under a Singapore package! But quite, it is the culinary which leaves an indelible taste in the mouth & tongue of a foodaholic.

Here are the top 7 restaurants that you must check out during your Singapore tour:

i. Restaurant Andre: Andre Chiang, an unknown chef, dreamt big one day and opened a restaurant which is now counted amongst the best of its kind on the planet. Restaurant Andre, named after its founder, is a great plush eating outlet which can spoil you with its eclectic cuisines ranging from the western flavors to the eastern delicacies. A must-visit place, it is a paradise for someone who loves to be surrounded by good food.

ii. Fifty Three: The famous Armenian Street boasts of 'Fifty Three', a restaurant as different and quirky as its name. Its impossible cooks & cooks are trained to perfection and make you enjoy your dinners like you have never before done. Its fried chicken oysters are a specialty and will leave you smacking your lips.

iii. Sam at Forest: If you are on a week-long Singapore holiday, find a day out to visit 'Sam at Forest'. It gives you a unique ambience and memories to take back home. The cuisines are top-class and there's a local flavor as well.

iv. Waku Ghin: A Japanese restaurant which will regale you with different varieties of eastern & south-eastern cuisines, Waku Ghin is a must-visit if you are looking to eat with a difference. Your Singapore tour will be deemed incomplete without a trip to this eatery.

v. One on the Bund: This restaurant is saucy, spicy and sassy. It is swanky, seductive and extremely opulent. The dishes too have that uniqueness with the crunchy frogs and ducks topping the coveted menu list. You can not miss out on this one especially if you love to sink your teeth into meat.

vi. Ku De Ta: 'Ku De Ta' is a tough nut to crack, since one has has to book this restaurant several days in advance. But once you make through the crowd, you will be mesmerized by its sky-high view (it is located on the famous Marina Bay Stands) and the exquisite ambience. It has the prowess to lend your Singapore holiday that memorable trait.

vii. Cassia: A Singapore package always includes a trip to the famous Sentosa Island and it is here that you will fall into the 'Cassia', a brilliant and well-maintained food joint which has a look of novelty and an old-world feel. One of those rare places which can have a soul-stirring effect, more because of its atmosphere than for its rich food.


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