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Small Business Web Design – 3 Features Every Website Needs To Be Successful

Small Business Web Design – 3 Features Every Website Needs To Be Successful

Attention small business owners: Does your web site design make people think: “WHERE AM I?”

Existing customers and future prospects are the most important people to any small business.

Don’t let visitors slip away, never to find your business again, because your website lacks a few key features. When I work with small businesses in my home city of Tampa, I find that many have websites that are NOT doing what they should in order to convert prospects into customers. In fact, as a result of a poor web design execution, many businesses are turning off potential customers!

There are 3 features your small business website MUST have, so that more prospects become paying customers.

No matter who you hire for web design, make sure they include these 3 elements:

  1. A prominent and obvious way for website visitors to give you their contact information
  2. A very compelling reason for them to do so (a great bonus and clear call to action)
  3. Your contact information at the top of the website, preferably the upper right corner in the header banner, on all pages

These may seem like simple features, but you would be surprised how many website templates do not include them. It requires some extra work to come up with a compelling bonus for visitors, and then hook up the sign up form and email autoresponder so that it gets delivered right away. But, it’s worth it!

Tip for creating bonuses: Create a 5-page PDF file that is a free report giving valuable information about exactly the topic visitors will most frequently have in mind when they are searching for and visiting a site like yours.

Keep in mind that you have only about 8 seconds to grab someone’s attention before they click somewhere else. Let’s make it count!

I hope this helps you with getting the most out of your web site design. Don’t leave money on the table by letting visitors leave without giving you their contact information. Just as common of a problem is when prospects just want to call you or email you, but that information is not easy to find.

When it comes to user experience, it’s all about the fundamentals. Give the people what they want, and make sure you can get back in touch in case they get distracted or click away.

Don’t lose prospects forever because you didn’t give them a great reason to get on your email list.


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