“So Thick”: Actress Liu Yifei Gets Body Shamed For Wearing Swimsuit


In today’s world of social media and constant connectivity, being famous means dealing with non-stop scrutiny and criticism. Whether it’s from die-hard fans or anonymous haters, celebrities are always in the spotlight. Sadly, the internet has given keyboard warriors the platform to tear down appearances without consequences, fueling hurtful body shaming.

Liu Yifei (刘亦菲), the now 36-year-old “Mulan” star, has once again faced unwarranted criticism, this time for her appearance in a swimsuit during a scene from the latest episode of “The Tale of Rose” which aired last week. The scene quickly trended on Weibo and according to 8world, many took to social media to comment on the actress’s physique, labelling her figure as “rough” and criticising her “wide waist.”

Source: 8world

This isn’t new for the star, who previously endured body shaming for her role in “Meet Yourself.” Netizens called her chubby and likened her to an auntie. At that time, they criticised her for not being as slim as Yang Mi and Angelababy, who are both mothers. However, despite the negativity, supportive fans highlighted the importance of embracing diverse body types and rejecting narrow beauty ideals. They praised the celeb for portraying a more realistic and healthy form of beauty.

These supporters have emphasised the importance of embracing diverse body types and rejecting narrow beauty ideals. They commended her for embodying a more robust form of beauty, one that reflects health and vitality rather than conforming to unrealistic standards.

Watch the trailer for her new series below:

Sources: 8world, VNExpress

Melissa Royan contributed to this article.

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