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So You Are Going to Be a Snow Cone Vendor?

So You Are Going to Be a Snow Cone Vendor?

So you’ve finally made the decision to be a snow cone vendor? Good for you! There are very few jobs that offer the profit margin, the freedom, and the overall enjoyment of owning your own snow cone stand. But it probably won’t be long before you hear those words: “What about the recession?” Well, doesn’t that make it the best time to get into a recession proof business?

Tell me honestly, how often even during a recession is $1, $2, or even $3 ever been too much money for a delicious cold snack in the middle of summer? Pretty much never. If there’s a family enjoying a weekend at the park, then there are always a few bucks available for shaved ice. This makes the shaved ice business recession proof in a way that many other businesses are not.

There aren’t hundreds of snow cones sold, or thousands, there are literally many millions of snow cones sold each and every year – and that’s a cash business. Some food doesn’t go out of style. Even in a severe recession, there are always a few bucks for a hot dog, a burger, a coke, or a shaved ice cone. ALWAYS! Just imagine how many shaved ice cones are sold on days like Memorial Day, 4th of July, or Labor Day alone.

Shaved Ice offers a ridiculously good return on investment, as you are often making 60 or 70% in profit or even more! You might spend $500 to get started on a shoe string, but you might also earn that back in one good weekend. Not a bad deal at all. Shaved Ice stands are making a huge comeback with smart entrepreneurs who want to own their own business because of all the cash profit that’s to be made – no matter what the state of the economy is.

In addition, being a shaved ice vendor means you get to be your own boss, you finally get those flexible work hours you’ve always wanted, and when you work you’re actually making money for yourself – not for someone else higher up the ladder.

There are several basic tips for the starting snow cone vendors:

  • Identify the best locations ahead of time so you’re ready to kick off on the right foot.
  • Choose the right shaved ice stand for you. In the beginning, this could be off a shoestring budget where you have the machine and use your car plug-ins to power it – it could be a small cheap cart, or it could be a good portable snow cone cart that has some of the extra bells and whistles off the bat. You’ll know what the best starting situation for you is.
  • Apply for all necessary business and health licenses
  • Follow a detailed snow cone business plan to maximize profits right away

You do need to keep in mind that these steps are never a 100% lock guarantee of success, but following these steps will definitely help to get the most out of any start up snow cone business.

Source by Jason Brasfield

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