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Social Media Marketing – 4 Simple Tips To Drive Traffic To Your Website With Twitter

Social Media Marketing – 4 Simple Tips To Drive Traffic To Your Website With Twitter

Twitter when you first look at it can be quite confusing. I believe that is because people think that it is going to be more complicated than it really is. It is the simplicity that jumps some people; "How can this really work by using only 140 characters?"

One must learn to become very direct in their tweets, with the speed of Twitter you can not have a thought continue over 3 or 4 tweets. Twitter moves so fast your tweets will not be together and by themselves they may not make sense. As a result we all have to become good at writing short but clear tweets.

Here are 4 simple tips to finding your own Twitter traffic

1) Find People To Follow ~ The search bar in Twitter will assist you in finding people who are interested in the same topics, markets, hobbies or locations as you. You just have to type in what you are looking for and hit enter! You want to start following people, consistently, every day!

2) Follow People Back Who Follow You ~ Do you like to be ignored? Probably not, the same concept applications on Twitter. When people follow you, follow them back. Now I do not necessarily mean everyone because there are spammers out there on Twitter and you very rarely do not want their information showing up in your Twitter stream. Develop your own criteria for who you will follow back. Two of the largest reasons I will unfollow someone are vulgar language and tweets too much. When I see someone who has 3,021 followers but has tweeted 12, 358 times you can be assured I will unfollow or not even follow in the first place. As you spend time looking through your own Twitter stream you will develop your own reasons for unfollowing people.

3) Reply to Those Who ReTweet your Tweets ~ this is actually one of your goals on Twitter. You have started a conversation, Excellent, now let's keep it going. You can reply in any way that is applicable to the re-tweet. Depending upon how much room you have you can RT the entire RT or you can just say thanks. Either way by not responding you are missing out on an excellent opportunity to connect with someone and possibly start that business relationship.

4) ReTweet Other People ~ Find people who interest you, other experts in your market or people who provide great information in a complimentary market and re-tweet them. Not only will you be starting conversations you will also be demonstrating to your potential customers and clients that you are not just about you.

Source by Carla McNeil

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