Sony ULT Power Sound Series Is A Throwback To Its Mega Bass Days


Earlier in the week, Sony teased that it would be announcing new audio products, with prior leaks pointing to a WH-ULT900 wireless headphones. As it turns out, the announcement involved more than a pair of headphones, as the new ULT Power Sound series also involves three speakers as well. Though one thing they all have in common is the ULT button that lets you switch between different sound modes.

Starting with the wireless headphones, Sony has given it a proper name of ULT Wear, rather than just its model number. The aforementioned leaks look to be accurate for the most part, with the official spec sheet reflecting the 40mm neodymium dome drivers, 30 hours of listening time with ANC and 50 hours without. Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity also has a 2.4GHz mode, and there’s also an L-shaped stereo mini jack with a 1.2m cable for those who prefer their music listening experience that way. Notably though, there’s no mention of LDAC codec support in the spec sheet.

Sony ULT Wear
Source: Sony.

Next in line is the Sony ULT Field 1, a portable speaker with a familiar cylindrical shape, which also comes in an IP67-rated shell. One bonus feature listed in the official press release is salt-water resistance, which is rare among IP-rated devices, so while it’s nice to have, I wouldn’t suggest testing the claim. Battery life is rated at 12 hours, connectivity is handled by Bluetooth 5.3, and there’s a strap belt attached for easier transporting.

Sony ULT Field 1Sony ULT Field 1
Source: Sony.

Moving on to the Sony ULT Field 7, this is technically still a portable speaker, but with a measurement of 512 x x224 x 222 mm and a weight of 6.3kg, it’s probably best not moved around often. It also comes with an IP67 rating and salt water resistance, with a 30-hour playback time. Making up for its size somewhat is its multipurpose nature, as it can also be linked to up to 100 compatible speakers via Party Connect to sync music and lighting. It can also serve as an electric guitar amp, or a makeshift karaoke setup.

Sony ULT Field 7Sony ULT Field 7
Source: Sony.

And finally, there’s the Sony ULT Tower 10, the largest of the lot, measuring 418 x 1,106 x 428mm and weighing 29kg. It does give up its IP67 rating, but on the flip side it does everything else that the Field 7 does, but better.

Sony ULT Tower 10Sony ULT Tower 10
Source: Sony.

Sony says that all of the speakers will only be available in June, with their prices being revealed then. Available this month though are the ULT Wear, with an asking price of RM899.

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