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Squidoo Optimization – How to Optimize Your Lens Title

Squidoo Optimization – How to Optimize Your Lens Title

Search engine optimization is a hot topic for many lensmasters involved within the Squidoo community. Naturally, creating a great web page is your first objective. However, having your Squidoo page found by search engine users needs to be your second objective if you want others to see and appreciate your work. There are basic optimization techniques that lensmasters should incorporate into their lens-building process that will greatly improve your chances for traffic from those requesting information on your subject from the search engines.

Squidoo optimization breaks down into some very similar steps that one would take to optimize any page on the web. Areas such as your lens title, your module titles, your keywords / tags, and your introduction module are primary areas a Squidoo lensmaster should focus their efforts on for optimization.

The title of your Squidoo lens is very important from an optimization view-point. If I had to choose only one thing to optimize for any web page, it would be the title tag. The title tag that is found within the code of your Squidoo lens is taken from the actual title you chose for your page meaning you have complete control over the words that are used. Use this area wisely.

If you have done proper keyword research prior to creating your lens, you already know which keywords your content is focused on. You also know which keyword or keyword phrase is your primary target. Make sure these words are in your lens title.

When placing your targeted keywords into your title, make sure the desired keywords come first, then a description or call to action. For example, if your targeted keyword phrase is 'purple banana hats', a less effective title would read:

Savings, Discounts, and Best Rates on Purple Banana Hats

On the other hand, an effective Squidoo lens title would read:

Purple Banana Hats – Savings, Discounts, and Best Rates

Optimizing your title tag on your Squidoo lens by using your targeted keyword first and a description second will help improve your chances of ranking higher in the search engines. A higher ranking will provide increased exposure for your Squidoo lens, which, in turn, allows your page to enjoy all the free traffic that can result.


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