Street Fighter 6 Gets A 34% Black Friday Discount


It has nearly been half a year since the launch of Street Fighter 6, and the game is finally old enough to go through its first round of discounts. Capcom has announced that it currently has a 34% price cut on both Steam and the PlayStation Store, that will last until close to the end of the month. Though the two platforms have different end dates for the discount.

On the former, the base version of Street Fighter 6 will have its price slashed from RM244 to RM161.04 until 29 November. But on the latter, this on 27 November instead. The date difference aside, the prices and discounts across platforms are consistent, even for the other two editions. Though naturally the pricier editions get smaller discounts.

The Street Fighter 6 sale on Steam also coincides with the Capcom’s Single’s Day sale as well as its Black Friday sale on the platform. Both of these will likely be bleeding into the recently started Autumn Sale, but it will still be worth checking out if the list of discounted games change.

Speaking of change, Capcom has also announced that the third outfits for the launch roster of Street Fighter 6. These will be available for purchase starting 1 December, but those who have the Season 1 Ultimate pass will get them as part of said pass. This means that they will not make it in time for the current discount, but items added via microtransactions rarely get price cuts anyway, beyond the season pass itself being discounted.

At any rate, you can check out what the Outfit 3 for the 18 launch characters look like via the showcase video. As for the game itself, now’s as good a time as any to pick up Street Fighter 6, while it is still discounted.

(Source: Capcom Asia / YouTube)

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