Street Food Night Market 🇲🇾 Kuala Lumpur After Dark ✨ Evening Walk Jalan Alor Malaysia Vlog 2023


Malaysia has some incredible night markets and incredible Malaysian and international street food. Come with me for a walk along the world famous Jalan Alor street in Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur, see all of the street food, lights, people, live music, and energy of the place. It’s so much more lively here than it was 6 or 12 months ago when I was here last, it’s amazing to see so many people out and about and enjoying this incredible city!

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Thank you for watching ❤️

  1. Siluman Pejajaran says

    i dunno whether u will consume egg dishes but if u do, please do try the 'salted egg french beans' dish i believe is very available there, in jalan alor's street stalls… it's actually a side dish that compliments any rice meals but hey, nothing wrong if u would prefer to opt for it only less the rice

  2. Chuck Huang says

    Such vibrant and dynamic the night market is. Filled with aroma, happy atmosphere and various beautiful color.

  3. @Amat1914 says


  4. Keang Wooi Choo says

    Not many vegetarian food options at jalan alor. Except fruits and pastries of course

  5. おまつりJAPAN says

    Amazing video. I'm your Fan.

  6. Yasin Affandi says

    Thank you for this wonderful video.

  7. Bakafraya borja says

    If u hv not been to Melaka, now it's gd time to visit.

  8. Mohd Yaseen Shaik Dawood says

    Try genting highland/cameron highland/fraser's hill

  9. Khai_ Kelantanese says

    Hi jade
    Welcome back in Malaysian ♥️🇲🇾
    "Enjoy your day,take care be health…
    Very nice vlog ❤❤❤

  10. Khoo sy sy says

    The Chicken wing is very good!!

  11. Khoo sy sy says

    wow.. i see myself in your youtube video!!

  12. Thi Huynh says


  13. M Z says

    Welcome to Kuala Lumpur city 🇲🇾 Truly Asia ❤

  14. Iman Syafi says

    Awesome ❤❤

  15. an user says

    Once you been to KL everywhere else is a bit of a disappointment.

  16. an user says

    Have you been over to Sarawak and Sabha yet?

  17. Nick Loong says

    Welcome to Kuala Lumpur, the foodies paradise of Asia, and some even say the world!😅

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