Syasya Officially Quits Girl Group Dolla; Shares Fond Memories Before Announcement


From 4 to 3… In a shocking turn of events, Dolla has just announced that they will no longer be a quartet. Sadly, Syasya Rizal has officially quit the girl group.

Just an hour ago, Dolla released an official statement in 3 different languages, addressing iDollas (as fans are lovingly called), media and the public. The remaining members – Angel, Tabby and Sabronzo – also took to their respective social media to share the statement on their Instagram Story.

The statement reads:

We know there have been questions about Syasya’s absence recently, and with a heavy heart, we would like to announce that due to personal reasons, Syasya has made the decision to withdraw as a member of Dolla. 

We would like to emphasise that despite this, we still see Syasya as our little sister, and will continue to support her in her journey. We remain fully committed to give the best that we can for all of you, and to continue on with the journey that we have planned as Dolla. 

There are no words to describe how grateful we are and always have been for all your support over the span of our career so far, and hope that we continue to make proud on our journey together.”


Before announcing quitting Dolla, member #Syasya took to IG to recall some fond moments with the gal group. #syasyadolla #sabronzo #angeldolla #tabbydolla

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Yesterday (Sunday, 7th April), unbeknownst to the public yet, Syasya took to her Instagram Stories to share 3 throwbacks – a dance practise from 24th July 2000, a group snapshot, and another dance practise on 2nd May 2023. No doubt, these moments were extra sentimental for the 23-year-old singer.

While we’re heartbroken by this unexpected announcement, we wish Syasya nothing but the best in her future endeavours.

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