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Take the Internet Speed Test Challenge

Take the Internet Speed Test Challenge

For decades, young men and women across the U.S. and Canada have viewed their automobiles as an extension of their persona. Young men often preferred sleek, low slung, phallic vehicles with large tires and a masculine growl. Young women, on the other hand, tended to drive less ostentatious vehicles with soft fuzzy interiors and light colored paint jobs.

If Your Computer is Slow – Are You Slow Too?

In recent times the computer that a young person owns and spends time on has taken on somewhat of the same connotation, in that today “speed is everything”. This has led some people to feel, right or wrong, that if a young person has a slow computer, then perhaps they too may be slow in some way.

Older Inaccurate Internet Speed Test

In the past, computer owners that were curious about the actual speed of their computer while they were on the Internet, would give themselves a simple but somewhat inaccurate Internet speed test. They would simply download a computer data file and time the whole process with a watch. The problem with this procedure was that it couldn’t measure upload time and there was no common standard.

Internet High Performance Computer Speed Service

Now, new online services operate in much the same way as an automotive high performance speed shop might for car owners. They can give your computer an Internet speed test and then from there, they can offer you the tools to improve your speed. This means that Internet users who thought they they were stuck with the speed that they had, now have the option of upgrading for higher performance.

A New Common Standard

The Internet speed test that they offer is a complete and comprehensive test that times not just your download time but also your upload time as well. Both of these factors are combined into one integer and now that all services are using this same test, there is now a common standard.


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