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Taking the Driving Test in Huddersfield

Taking the Driving Test in Huddersfield

This article gives tips about taking the driving test in Huddersfield.

Now that you have had plenty of driving lessons and you are ready to take your test. Here are some tips. Let us assume that you have taken and passed the Theory and Hazard Perception test. WELL DONE!

By now you should be very competent at driving. Especially the reversing maneuvers. If you’re not, get some more practice, but I am sure your driving instructor will be giving you lots of practice each lesson. You should do at least one of the 3 compulsory maneuvers each lesson:

·        Three point turn, or turn in the road as it is now called

·        Reverse round a corner

·        Parallel park

If not, why not? In Huddersfield there is usually a waiting list for a test, often it is 6 to 8 weeks before you will get a date. So, you can use this waiting period to practice the test routes. There are 18 test routes in Huddersfield. They can be found on the DSA website if you want to see them. But don’t just stick to the routes. You should be able to drive properly on any roads, because who knows which test route you will be given. After you pass you will be driving all over the place on roads new to you anyway.

All the tests in Huddersfield start at the DSA test center in Waverley St, Huddersfield. Most pupils arrive and park the car facing downhill, so that they don’t have to do a hill start straight away. However, that means you’re on the wrong side of the road, so don’t forget to check your left blind spot before you set off. Some instructors make the pupil arrive uphill, on the left, but I think this just puts unnecessary pressure at the beginning! If you haven’t done so already, check that all the lights work, the indicators and brake lights. If they don’t, the examiner will end the test before you have even driven anywhere, so you lose your test fee.

The first thing the examiner tests when you come out of the waiting room is your eyesight. So if you need specs, don’t forget them. Then it’s time for the Show Me Tell Me part. For tips on this part go to the Show Me Tell Me section of the website

Then it’s the driving part. So here are some tips to watch out for, specific to Huddersfield:

  • Immediately is the unmarked junction at the bottom of Waverley St, Huddersfield
  • If you turn left, there is then a LEFT ONLY one way dual carriage-way up Halifax Road, going away from Huddersfield town centre.
  • Pelican Crossing, near  Huddersfield College , STOP if it’s red!
  • Traffic lights, at Blacker Road, if asked to turn right towards Birkby, position car correctly
  • If straight ahead, through Edgerton, watch out for speed, it’s only 30mph till you see a 40 sign
  • Mini roundabouts, like Greenhead Park,  be ready to keep moving if it’s clear, INDICATE
  • Near Greenhead Park, look out for the compulsory left turn, ask your instructor
  • In Paddock, try not to make your examiner have a rough ride over the humps
  • Hudderfield has many, Unmarked Junctions, Paddock, Royds Hall, Quarmby, Crossland Moor, Marsh, get your instructor to show you where they are, have a good look both ways
  • Stop Signs in Huddersfield, Lindley Moor, nr Tesco, Alder St, end of Halifax Old Rd, Elland, get your instructor to show you. You MUST STOP even if new road is clear
  • DON’T CRAWL, get on with it!
  • Park neatly at the end, don’t blow it now!

GOOD LUCK. But if you are good enough, you do not need luck do you?

This is the second article written by David Parry about taking driving lessons in Huddersfield.


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