The Benefits and Drawbacks of a Convection Oven


Technology brings more ease and convenience in our daily lives. Because of the much advancement, we get to accomplish better results at work, whether it is at home or in the office. We can use several appliances so we exert less physical effort in our tasks. Moreover, technology aims to produce more quality products in such little time because of the efficiency and convenience that it brings.

When it comes to cooking, homemakers can use several kitchen appliances that can produce quality products in as little time as possible. With the right tools, you do not need to spend hours of food preparation and cooking in the kitchen. Thus, you have more time enjoying your food than making it.

Several ovens are ideal for this purpose, as these appliances come with the advanced technology for efficiency in cooking. In as much as a few seconds, you can already savour the goodness of a tasty meal.

A convection oven is one of those kitchen appliances that every household must have. It is a workhorse in making scrumptious meals in a flash, and it is easy to clean. However, this appliance also brings a few drawbacks that you might need to know, as well. Here are the benefits and the drawbacks of a convection oven.


1. Keeps cooking time to a minimum

Cooking does not take forever with this machine because of the advanced technology that it has. Its menu settings, pre-programmed cook options and certain mechanisms facilitate speed in cooking. A convection oven comes with a fan that mobilizes hot air and distributes it evenly inside the machine. Thus, food cooks easily from top to bottom, as well as the inside. A conventional oven does not have this feature, and hot air merely surrounds the food and does not get inside it. Hence, you can cook faster with this type of oven compare with a conventional oven.

2. Saves more energy

A convection oven heats easily, and it circulates hot air inside the machine. It efficiently uses the amount of heat it emits, thus cooking the food faster as compared to a conventional oven. This feature cuts minutes of cooking time, and provides you more savings in your electricity bill.

3. Produces quality results

The heating elements of an oven have a direct effect on the quality of food produced. Because a convection oven circulates and distributes heat evenly, you can be sure of uniform results to your food. Meat, vegetables or any food item tastes great and has superb texture because of this feature in a convection oven.


1. Costs more than the a conventional oven

Because of the advanced features and greater efficiency in cooking, a convection oven costs more than a standard oven. Most brands available in the market cost as much as $1000 and above, which is ideal if you have a meagre budget.

2. Requires more effort in using a convection oven

If you are trying out a new recipe, you might have to convert the temperature indicated in the recipe book. Cookbooks usually have the temperatures stated for use in a conventional oven. Thus, you need to know how to convert the temperature used in a convection oven.

With all the benefits and drawbacks of a convection oven, it is up to you to decide if this is the right kitchen appliance for you. Analyze carefully the good and the bad about this kitchen appliance for more guidance in case you wish to purchase one for your home.


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