The Biggest Reality About Social Media


Two groups of people will not like reading this – first, those who are looking for the magic pill to have massive fans. Secondly, those social media "experts" who are pushing their courses and solutions for the magic pill.

But before that, a quick question … do you realize that * almost * everyone is claiming to be a social media / Facebook expert nowdays?

It's interesting because they feel like they know how to use (or play) Facebook, they're labeling them as the "experts". Even many "experts" or social media company are NOT experts, even if they do it for Nestle or Angelina Jolie (you'll understand why after reading this rant).

It's rather simpler to brand themselves as "Facebook experts" or "digital media companies" because these terms are vague – if you call yourself a best-selling author, you need to BE a best-selling author. If you promote yourself as an internet millionaire, then you have to BE an internet millionaire.

Here's the harsh reality – there is no magic pill that will allow you to have hundreds of thousands of fans on your Facebook fan page, period. Read all of the courses you want, attend all of the seminars you need … you will not find that magic pill.

So how do they get massive fans then?

The thing is, unless you are a celebrity or a well-known brand, you will not be able to accumulate the number of fans that these fan pages have. If you are just an ordinary guy (meaning you do not have an Angelina Jolie brand attached to you), you'll have to spend money to get your fans, like buying Facebook ads. And you'll end up a broken marketer if you do not have a strategy in place to monetize on them. Then we have problem # 2 – how to monetize?

There are Facebook marketers who sell their courses by displaying how they helped celebrities or big brands. But come on … do you think it's because of their strategies or because the Starbucks brand by itself AUTOMATICALLY attract people to become fans? You'll be the judge. To give these experts their due credit, even if their strategies are successful, there is nothing special about them – post valuable content, encourage people to discuss about it and share it with others.

Sure, there are so many so called "social media" experts who teach you how to make big bucks with social media. Of course they're doing this! Facebook is a hot trend at the moment and everyone wants to seize the opportunity to make money with it.

But what you should be asking these experts is wherever they have a lot of fans on their fan pages. If you check their fan pages, you'll notice that they do not have so many fans after all.

And if they do, are there any engagement or they're just Likes bought at Fiverr?

It's really funny watching all these Facebook "gurus" or social media "experts" talk about how fantastic their software is and talking AS IF they know about fan page marketing and getting 100,000 or 1,000,000 fans. Then they pitch to you, asking you to pitch to local businesses the same promises! Funny crap.

So there is no real secret to getting a lot of fans on Facebook.

It's either because you are a famous person or a well known brand / product.

For an ordinary man or woman, it will take some time, unless you do not have a problem with spending lots of money.

Of course, at the same time, there are exceptions and these are the rare ones. There are fanpages created by ordinary people that have gone viral and being liked with 100,000 fans. The fact is, in any niche or industry, there will always be exceptions – Harry Potter, Angry Birds and so on. Thousand of authors tried and failed. Thousands of games have been developed and likewise crashed. Make sense?

The Run Of The Mill Fanpage Marketing Advice Taught By The "Gurus" …

If you take a look at what these experts are teaching, you will notice one similar thing. Building a relationship with your fans is always the principle. This is not something that happens overnight. It takes time to build a relationship, establish credibility and all those other good stuff.

Are you up for that? If not, get ready for a major disappointment.

To wrap up …

A Facebook fan page is a wonderful platform but there is not any magic pill that will expand your fan base to 100,000 fans in a short period of time. If you just want to make some money, sure, Fanpage can help you to do that.

So stop thinking how did Tony Robins or Starbucks have so many fans – the answer is because they are Tony Robbins and Starbucks. But here's the kicker … nobody say you can not be a "celebrity" or "brand", unless you're not willing to commit to your own business and start putting up a fanpage to build relationship.

Source by Patric Chan

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