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The Crisis of the Mp3 and Mp4 Player Market

The Crisis of the Mp3 and Mp4 Player Market

The iPad appeared on the market catches much attention from the hi-end users. By contrast, the edge of the mp3 and mp4 player has been taken. Mp3 and mp4 has a bright history about 10 years from the first mp3 player Samsung MpManF10 to the multifunctional mp3 and mp4 players like watch mp4 player.

With the increasing maturity of the digital market, we come to see more and more commoditized products. But it's a process of constant development from the birth to the glorious success. On the IT market which is filled with fierce competition, mp3 and mp4 comes to be in embarrassing situations as the portable music players. The manufacturers start to track the market by maintaining the original advantages and integrating other selling points.

On the market, the demands of mp3 and mp4 are still fabulous. Compared with the high-price e-book, it's commonly used. It's the best tool to transmit the entertainment spirit. And it enables the students and wage-earners to enjoy more entertaining experience.

So in view of the present conditions, what measures will the mp3 and mp4 manufacturers take? More than half of manufacturers choose the E-book function. The people in the industry points out that mp4 does not continue the success of the mp3. But the mobile phones and other mobile terminals occupy the market constantly.

Facing the crisis, some of the mp3 manufacturers gain breakthrough with the mobile phone and GPS products. But most of the manufacturers have no solutions. Then the E-ink products give them hope.

The digital manufacturers launch their E-book products actively. More and more mp4 players feature with digital camera, MID and GPS. But as each has its area of ​​expertise, we may feel the player with additional functions perform no practical function. We may encounter the problems like slow internet speed, low resolution of camera or poor signal receiving ability.

Anyhow, one coin has two sides. To satisfy the picky needs of the consumers, the manufacturers are driven to take the related measures. From the perspective of the consumers, the complaints are reasonably made. The propaganda and advertisements are certain to mislead part of the consumers. But time will tell all. No matter how a product is advocated, the word-of-mouth will be built.

From the point of the media, we see more crisis and challenges. According to the feedback from the market, the hi-end mp3 and mp4 has its fixed fans. The magic brand like apple can always catch the favor of the fashionable ladies and gentlemen. The low-end wholesale mp3 and mp4 player can also get nice selling result with its favorable price. After all, time is needed to be fashionable like iPad or MID.

Maybe all the manufacturers have been coping with the problems we talked above and continue to compete with each other in the IT world. We just wish a brilliant future for the digital market. We hope great changes will be taken in the music player market in the latter half of 2010.


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