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The Elements That Make the Key Difference Between Success and Poverty

The Elements That Make the Key Difference Between Success and Poverty

What makes the difference between success and poverty? This is an issue that I have been mulling over in my mind for a very long time. Poverty is a state that has been with mankind since the beginning of the ages. Even in the time of Jesus thousands of years ago, there was already the poor among them.

Everywhere in the world in every country, global efforts are being held for poverty eradication. Most often, I see organizations and kindhearted individuals handing out money and food items to the poor, and where possible provide homes and Shelter. While these endeavors are noble, I do wonder about the effectiveness of it.

Personally, I find that the only way for a person to climb out of poverty, is an intense personal desire to succeed! Some people can be rather contented living on welfare and receiving handouts. In fact, some may consider it their right as the poor to receive gifts from people they deem richer than them. Poverty is a state of mind that continues to enslave people. For as long as they think that the world owes them a living, they would continue to stay in that same old sad state of life.

They do not break out of the chains of poverty because they deem themselves incapable, handicapped (whether real or imaginary), so they do not even try to make an effort. Any failed attempt that they make only reinforces their belief that they are not able to do it, not able to become successful and subscribe to the powerful withholding belief that success belongs only to others who are more talented, more intelligent and more capable.

The only way to break out of poverty is to change the mindset of the people and empower them with powerful beliefs that they are not helpless and that they can create value and contribute to the society regardless of their condition. They can make a success out of themselves.

The only real way to help the poor is to give them a real education and the opportunity for a job or a trade. All academic, skill and technical programs must include personal development programs which develop the human attitudes and radically change their mindset and implant a belief system for success.

Positive people with a burning desire to succeed never stay poor for long. Failed attempts only serve to spur them on and steel their resolve. Poverty is only a temporary state before they achieve success.


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