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E commerce

The Future Of Electronic Commerce

The Future Of Electronic Commerce

E-commerce is probably the largest industrial revolution of the 21st century. Today, the world is looking at the internet. The World Wide Web has paved way for a strong world economy and also made the coming together of millions of people under one roof, that simple. There is absolutely no doubt in the minds of men, that e-commerce is the way to go about things!

There are important reasons why people find the internet an interesting option for buying and selling. Customers are more inclined towards this method of shopping than the traditional method of heading towards stores. Lets look into the few factors why people are showing interest towards the online shopping industry.

The Future Of E-Commerce Looks Great!

  • Shopping from home
  • No traveling to malls
  • Largest collection
  • 24/7 accessible
  • Allows max research
  • Offers frequent free shipping offers, sales, discounts and more
  • Numerous websites on the product
  • Saves both money and time

Having looked the factors why customers choose the internet to buy, lets now look at the reasons why the retailers / merchants too find the web easy to do business.

  • It's cheaper than store retailing
  • It's safer as the customers' complete contact information is obtained
  • Its simple. Takes few minutes to get the job done
  • It's the largest medium
  • Maintains an easy record of 'who looked for what'

So what do you say? The future of e-commerce looks good? Yes, it certainly looks good, better and best for all these reasons. More customers would have drawn towards the internet encouraging more retailers to do business and vice versa. The conveniences it offers to one and all is unmatched. But e-commerce has not just its pros but cons too, not just advantages but disadvantages too. It functions like any other industry. Now you would ask, what are its negatives? What are the reasons the internet might go for a downfall, if not completely then at least become outdated with no solid trade? There are various opinions regarding the future of e-commerce. If certain people say e-commerce will boom and zoom more than ever in another few years, there are people who even say that the future of e-commerce looks extremely bad and will go for a big fall.

The Future Of E-Commerce Looks Bad!

A lot of people are of the opinion that e-commerce in a few years will face a fall. The future of e-commerce looks real bad. But, why? Listed below are reasons why people are getting more cautious day by day to approach the internet shopping and trade.

  • Consumers are scared due to the lack of privacy and security
  • Rising credit card fraud
  • Internet requests for all private information
  • Manufactures are fed up of the retailer's fussy claims
  • Net shoppers are consumers who expect lowest prices all the time and if they do not get it, they simply move on to the next site and hence forth
  • 34% of online shoppers are comparison shoppers. Web shoppers are mostly price-sensitive, comparison shoppers
  • People are fed up the spams in their mailboxes
  • Unnecessary emails
  • Does not offer the convenience of viewing the product in real before purchasing

The apt conclusion here would be that e-commerce is growing like never before with a section of people trying not to get involved in it. With a little innovation and caution, e-commerce could be transported out effectively both from the consumer's and the retailer's point of view. This would prove beneficial to all by increasing the economy, for a more safe and secure world!


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