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The Key Benefits of Opting for a Multichannel eCommerce Platform

The Key Benefits of Opting for a Multichannel eCommerce Platform

With the constant evolution of the multimillion dollar eCommerce industry, more and more businesses are gradually gravitating towards the online platform. 'Go online' is the new buzz in the business world and that is what the small ventures are up to. However, little do they realize, that their presence in this platform is like that of a small planet in an entire galaxy. A mere presence on this vast eCommerce platform without further optimizations is of no good use and would not yield the desired results. That is why mid-sized organizations and start-ups are opting for a multichannel e-commerce platform which helps in providing better traction to their business.

What Do Statistics Say?

A recent study conducted by Forrester, published in an article on LinkedIn reveals that as many as 97 per cent business ventures claimed that their revenue took a leap as a result of the extra advertising campaign through the multichannel eCommerce platforms. 40 per cent of the respondents claimed that they saw a return on investment on the multichannel marketing endeavors. They also stated that opting for a multichannel eCommerce solution had helped them in making improvements in customer satisfaction and less customer acquisition cost.

What are the Direct Benefits?

The direct benefits of opting for a multichannel eCommerce solution is that it widens the visibility horizon which is the most essential thing that businesses strive for. eBay, Amazon are all big names in the e-commerce arena but for a start-up or a mid-sized business venture it is difficult to deal with all these platforms. That is where a multichannel solution provider comes in handy. They have marketing experts who go through your business requirements and pushes your brand or business to the varied eCommerce platforms in order to boost visibility and drive growth. Here, as owners or employees of a business venture one can simply monitor the growth and concentrate on developing their product.

What are the Indirect Benefits?

With a dedicated solution provider taking care of your marketing needs, you can easily focus on improving services and products. So, one hand the visibility increases thereby pushing the revenue higher and on the higher there's more time and resource to do research and developments to improve service or product quality. The best part is, it is pretty easy to scale the growth or the leverage provided by these multichannel eCommerce solution providers. Beside these, a reputed e-commerce solution provider also helps in updating inventory as well.


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