The Largest Wet Market in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 🇲🇾 (Pasar Chow Kit)


Kuala Lumpur’s largest wet market. In this video we will be visiting Pasar Chow Kit to see what it is like to do shopping with the local people. Here you will find a wide variety of fresh seafood, meats, and of course produce! This market is open everyday of the week, but on the weekends is really when you can see it at its full potential!

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  1. VVV BBB says

    Will you go to the Serbia? (Nis).

  2. Robert Kwan says

    Did you visit manila?

  3. Alvaro Boschet says

    Hi Chris lovely videos as usual one question Kuala Lumpur is cheap too?


    Chris go to Sarawak ..Many place you can explore..

  5. FK Vlogs says

    Hope we’ll meet in Kuala Lumpur. I’ll be there in the first week of May. Hope to bump into you and Gladys

  6. CJ BD says

    Go to East Malaysia

  7. Rought Dert says

    bodoh nye melayu x tahu english

  8. Walid Alzam says

    I hope the government will legalise ganja someday . Aamiin 🤭

  9. HipsterPapa says

    There are many jetties in Malaysia where fish traders buy fish to bring to fresh markets like this, jetty banting, port dickson, malacca, linggi etc etc. but if its from different states you need a permit to bring the fish interstates or else you wouldn’t be able to sell

  10. flightpirate67 says

    Try Kuantan Pahang. It is really nice there it is like LA to Vegas kind of trip…

  11. flightpirate67 says

    Terimah Kasi! That is the best word to use

  12. Salahu Din says

    Jambu jandau mau…hahaha..Chris oh Chris…

  13. Suhaimi Amir says

    It was named nasi "ganja" because after you eat it, you might want it again. You'll get addicted 🙂

  14. eric kim says

    you were on the news in Portland.

  15. adam says

    Watermelon in malaysia is called tembikai

  16. Russco Aus says


  17. Heidy Adriolo says

    Wow Cris what a nice video off the wet market thanks for sharing 👍🙏

  18. Esmeralda says

    thank you for visiting malaysia… you need to know that malaysia is the richest country in southeast asia….

  19. Eza Fazim says

    Another great video. Have fun Stay Safe 🎉

  20. BC Tan says

    Chris, In Malay water melon is called tembikai. Watermelons can be found all over the country

  21. Brett Thomas says

    Hi Chris, great video mate 👍 take care.

  22. Noor Noor says

    Leaving my cold country the Netherlands for KL tomorrow. Last time I was there was a few weeks before the outbreak of Covid😅 I missed Msia a lot. You should visit the Netherlands once. The food is bad 😂 But the vibe is great 😊

  23. SilentReverie90 says

    honking in Malaysia is equivalent to looking for a fight and a total insult 🤣

  24. Dillia Shahrel says

    u should visits Langkawi,Penang or pulau Pinang that located in the north of malaysia,sabah also is a good places to visit where u can go hiking at mount kinabalu,many more..

  25. Yousif Youkhana says


  26. Dreams Counication says

    Disgusting 🤢 video I have ever seen

  27. Riyaad Edun says

    Love your videos mate, helped us a lot to plan what we’ll be doing when we visit Malaysia with our kids in a couple of months 🤟🏼

  28. Tan ChuanWen says

    This is a nice place and malaysian people very friendly.

  29. Gemma Agsisiyo says

    malaysia people Many are Kind❤

  30. erni suci cahyani says

    One of the best market to buy fruits and at cheap price 👍

  31. Zakri Dali says

    friendly locals

  32. Waja Prince says


  33. ODDLY GANG says

    Malaysia best country

  34. Lai Yin Low says


  35. Qu Ratu says

    malaysia good place to visit

  36. vinusri sreedharan says

    Malaysia people very friendly❤

  37. kevin goger says

    How much of the stuff you buy do you keep ?

  38. RevFred March (Faith Over Fear) says

    It is Cool and I am surprised it is not smelly there.

  39. RevFred March (Faith Over Fear) says

    Why do you go anywhere with a backpack Bro

  40. AL Noman says



    Good luck ❤

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