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The Most Amazing Variety of Marine Life in Palau

The Most Amazing Variety of Marine Life in Palau

Situated east of Philippines, the islands of Palau are a rare oasis in the Pacific Ocean. Palau’s waters life is one of the richest and the weather is beneficial so it is a great destination when it comes to scuba diving. The only major problem is that you may go scuba diving in Palau and get to meet more divers than marine life. The Japanese have few locations where they are allowed to practice scuba diving so they are usually crowded; Palau is one of them. This is why you should go for scuba diving in Palau in a period when it is less visited if you want to enjoy the beauty that lies in those waters.

In what concerns how to get to Palau, a direct flight can be taken from Taipei but it is recommended for you to make reservations ahead. You only need your passport or your birth certificate in order to be allowed to visit Palau for scuba diving. If you have already decided on where you are going to stay in Palau and you made the reservations then you will have no problem once you get to the airport as someone from the hotel will get you from there. You should also know that when you are leaving Palau you have to pay a $20 tax. In what concerns the resorts, you will surely find something that fits your needs and your budget no matter how these are. The temperature is great in Palau so you need lightweight clothes thought you might as well be there in some rainy days so a sweater and a waterproof jacket can be also great. When it comes to the language spoken in Palau, Palauan and English are both spoken as they are official languages.

The weather of Palau is very pleasant with a mean temperature of 27° C. However it has some rainy days, the humidity is quite increased. With no more than 18,000 inhabitants, Palau’s tourism is not very well developed, yet it is one of the most interesting archipelagos in the world. Palau consists in 340 islands that are surrounded by a huge reef. By scuba diving in the clear waters that Palau offers you will get to meet with more than 1500 species of fish, with lots of types of coral and with dangerous predators if you swim in deeper waters.

Palau islands are indeed some of the natural wonders of the world if we consider the beauty of their marine life. Tourists continue to visit Palau for scuba diving as they certainly feel like they are in paradise when they swim around all those extraordinary creatures. If you haven’t decided yet on where you are going next for a scuba diving vacation you should definitely consider visiting Palau. There is no doubt that if you plan the trip in time you will enjoy a unique and fascinating experience. Not only you will spend some time on this beautiful island but you will also get to swim between diverse species that will totally fascinate you.


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