The OPPO’s Reno Series Set To Lead The Telephoto Camera Trend In 2


According to Counterpoint Research’s most recent report, over 200 million telephoto lens-equipped smartphones were sold globally in 2022, with that figure expected to rise even further by 2024. The reason for this growing trend is because of consumers’ growing desire for telephoto photography, something that was once exclusively found in professional cameras. This emphasises the lens’s critical significance in current mobile photography as well as its widespread appeal.

Telephoto lenses have become essential for capturing life’s moments in greater depth and clarity, meeting the public’s demand for enhanced image technology. The importance of these lenses demonstrates their rise as not a luxury but a need for customers worldwide who wish to preserve their experiences with professional-grade quality, as stated in the research.


The significance of telephoto lenses in mobile photography

Image: OPPO

The telephoto lens has become a staple of mobile photography, allowing users to capture images that stand out for their precision and elegance. Telephoto lenses, whether used to capture a distant landscape or a close-up portrait, provide detail and emotional resonance that surpasses traditional cameras. According to Counterpoint’s analysis, these glasses are becoming increasingly integrated into smartphones around the globe.

The ability to zoom without sacrificing image quality, combined with the unique visual effects a telephoto lens can produce, has made it a popular choice among smartphone users. The proportion of smartphones equipped with a telephoto camera has increased both internationally and in China, reaching 19.3% and 24.4%, respectively, demonstrating the importance of telephoto lenses in today’s mobile photography environment.


The rising demand for telephoto lenses

Image: OPPO

The study has also found that mass-market adoption of telephoto lenses is increasing, particularly among China’s low-cost smartphone segments. Telephoto lens smartphone sales are increasing dramatically, and they will account for a considerable share of the market by Q3 2023.

The growing popularity of telephoto lenses in low-cost smartphones reflects consumers’ desire for premium capabilities without the premium price. Recognising this desire, smartphone manufacturers have responded quickly, upgrading their respective mid-tier line-ups with telephoto capabilities, allowing more people to enjoy enhanced photography experiences previously reserved for high-end models.


OPPO’s continued investment in high-quality telephoto photography

oppo reno11 pro
Image: OPPO

OPPO has been instrumental in making high-quality mobile photography accessible to the masses. With a history of incorporating cutting-edge camera technology into its products, OPPO has constantly delivered on its promise of accessible innovation. OPPO’s Reno series has grown over time to meet the needs of its users, with the Reno10 series being the first to incorporate a telephoto lens. As a result, it is renowned for providing high-end photography features at a price that is affordable to a wide range of consumers.

With each generation, the Reno series has improved the camera, putting professional-grade photography features in the hands of average people. As the world prepares for the arrival of the Reno11 Series, OPPO’s dedication to pioneering inexpensive, high-quality mobile photography remains unchanged.


Telephoto lenses: the future of photography

oppo reno11 pro
Reno11 Pro | Image: OPPO

Counterpoint’s report predicts a promising future for telephoto lenses, confirming their critical role in the evolution of mobile photography. According to the analysis, OPPO, with its famous Reno series, is at the cutting edge of this innovation curve. The sector is prepared for additional developments, particularly in light of the Reno11 Series. Such improvement is likely to strengthen OPPO’s market leadership position and fulfil rising customer demand for sophisticated photographic capabilities in smartphones.

OPPO’s latest addition to its Reno lineup, the telephoto lens-equipped Reno11 Series, will be arriving in the Malaysian market on 11th January 2024, making studio-level photography more accessible for everyone. For more information, kindly visit OPPO’s official website to learn more about the OPPO Reno11 Series and remain at the forefront of telephoto photography. 


This article is brought to you by OPPO.

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