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The Power of Strategic Thinking: Creating Meaningful Success

The Power of Strategic Thinking: Creating Meaningful Success

Too much goal setting and strategic planning can leave you
Feeling like you're working against the forces of nature;
Too little and you end up where you never intended to
Be-with a life or business that is bigger, smaller, or
Different than what you really desire. Although getting you
And your organization where you most want them to be at any
Given time can be hard work it can also be exhilarating. Is
There a better way? Is it possible to minimize the stress
And maximize the exhilaration while still accomplishing
Those things that are most important to you?

Absolutely-it simply requires a shift in consciousness. The "win at all costs" mentality (win-lose) continues to give way to the "I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine" mentality (win-win). And this is evolving further. Today we can
Position ourselves for success, contribute to the success of
Others, and be responsive to the needs of our changing world

If your first thoughts echo the sentiment "the world is
Going to hell in a hand basket, "please note that we need not
Go with it, nor must we turn back time. Instead, we must
Take responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and
Actions-in life and business. What we do affects not only
The quality of our lives, but others' lives as well. We have
An unpreceded opportunity in today's world to create
Meaningful lives, powerful and productive organizations, and
Contribute to a greater good for our global community. The
Change begins with each one of us.


"What is your greatest intention for your life and business?" Knowing the purpose for your existence is important. The quality of the goods we create, the services we extend, and the relationships we build are central to all that we are and all that we do. "If you do not know where you're going you might end up somewhere else" is a light-hearted statement that conveys very real wisdom. Yet when people are asked what they most want to accomplish in their lives they all too frequently respond
With, "I just want to be successful."

This response is way too vague to be helpful. Genuine
Success must be personally defined and be inclusive of all
Aspects of who you are, what you do, and what you want to
Accomplish. That said, we also know that it is our financial
Integrity that sustains our ability to contribute in
Productive and meaningful ways, live in accordance with our
Greatest desires, and call forth the gifts and talents of
Others. Our personal and professional lives are inextricably
Interwoven and it is imperative that we stay attentive to
Multiple bottom-lines.


"What specific things do you want to direct your attention
And efforts toward? "Fulfilling our greatest intentions is a
Multi-faceted endeavor. It is essential that we not make
Decisions prematurely, nor let the "tyranny of the possible"
Stop us from moving forward. Decisions must be made within
The context of all of the things that are most important to
Each individual or entity. Life and business need not be
Lead in a linear fashion-it's not in our best interest to
Move from point A to point B with blinds on.

All of our values, the possibilities that intrigue us, and
The goals we are chasing toward must be within the scope of
Our vision at all times. Many who have locked into a single
Goal to the exclusion of all others will tell you how
Quickly life can get out of balance. A singular focus can
Cost people their health, loss of significant relationships
(Both personal and professional), and access to other
Opportunities that might have served them better.


"What is the ONE next step you can take to move yourself
Towards your goals? "Every intentional step a person takes
Offers them new opportunities and insights that will serve
As guides for the next step they will want or need to take.
It's not necessary to know exactly how things will happen or
Have everything you expect needing before you begin. We
Can not start an ascent at the top of a mountain, and if we
Continuously focus on all that the trip will entail we can
So so daunted that we never begin at all.

Once we have the "big picture" and have graped the
Magnitude of our potential journey, we must focus our
Attention on taking each individual step. Although you can
Expect some of what you'll encounter and can stand ready
To respond to changing circumstances, count on life and
Business to be full of surprises. Trust that you'll know
What you need to know when you need to know it and that you
Can acquire the learning or resources as the need for them


"Do your goals continue to be what you most want to work
Toward? "Choosing what's most appropriate for us at any
Given time allows us to make new decisions the minute a
Given goal or action stops being right. It does not matter
How much we've invested personally or financially, if a goal
Is no longer suitable we are better served to release it and
Move on. Imagine relaxing into the flow of your life, or
Being able to support your organization's ability to be both
Goal-oriented and responsive to changing circumstances. Nice
Thought, huh?

Knowing what you want and why you want it is essential, but
Staying open to other possibilities is both wise and
Prudent. Sometimes obstacles are put in our paths to direct
Us elsewhere, other times to test our resolve and
Commitment. At the very least obstacles invite us to
Reassess the "rightness of our direction," and to relinquish
Our hold on a goal when it serves us well to do so.


"Where do you want to go from here?" As you achieve goals or decide they're no longer right for you, new decisions must be made and new directions determined. By continuously scanning our changing horizon we create a fluid and self-correcting way to
Continuous experience success. When you consistently
Reevaluate the "rightness of your direction," you can
Identify new opportunities and possibilities in the same
Moment that you are achieving or releasing another goal. Has
Someone new been drawn to you who can further your efforts?
Is there a new use for your efforts? Has something changed,
Internally or externally, that leads you to feel differently
About your goals? Do you want or need to alter course?

Change is the only constant in life and business, it is
Important to stay open to unintended consequences and unforeseen
Possibilities. When we relinquish our need to exert our will
Over everyone and everything (power over) we can relax into
New opportunities for our lives and businesses (power to).


"What have you accomplished and what new sense of purpose
Has arisen? "Powerful and productive decisions in life and
Business reflect people's highest visions-and highest
Visions grow with each step taken. Life and business are not
Intended to be a series of starts and stops, at their best
They are a constant evolution toward excellence. When
Someone says, "you're getting there," the smart mouth says
"There where?" Each of our goals is merely a mile marker and
As it is accomplished or discarded it is replaced by yet
Another. Life satisfaction increases and the culture of an
Organization is enhanced tremendously, however, when we take
Time to acknowledge every step taken as a genuine

Once the celebration is over, our sense of purpose calls for
Meaningful action to continue.

Success is both a destination and a journey, travel lightly and savor each moment!

Source by Susan Schutz

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