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The Safeway Brands

The Safeway Brands

Safeway has always been famous for its store brands and unlimited savings on everything in the store. Over the years, the stores have gone through many changes and many different changes to their brand names. The most popular brands from the past were Townhouse, Scotch Buy, Empress and Lucerne. Empress and Lucerne are still found in Canada and Lucerne is still found in the United Sates.

Today, there is a long line of brand names associated with the store chain. The signature label product for the store today is Signature Café and a sub label on their deli products and upscale products is Primo Taglio.

Lucerne is the signature name for the dairy products and O Organics is the signature name for the processed and organically grown items. There are many other store brand names used today.

Other Popular Brand Names

Ice Cream in large tubs and paper products are called Basic Red. Green products that are environmentally friendly are called Bright Green. Raw meats, pre-packaged cold cuts, and any other secondary meats are called The Butcher’s Cut. The seafood brands are called Captain’s Choice and cold cuts from the deli are called The Deli Counter.

The wines are called Diablo Creek, healthy eating foods are called Eating Right and other wines are called Firefly Ridge. Frozen meats are called Gourmet Meat Shoppe and a carry over brand name from an acquisitioned store of Jerseymaid is on many of the dairy products. Frozen turkeys are called Manor House and Mom to Mom is a baby product line.

Some breads are called Oven Joy, pre-packaged produce is called The Produce Stand and pet care products are called Priority. The top of the line meats are called Ranchers Reserve and Remarkable name brand food are found in Texas stores. Signature Café id the deli salads, soups and side dishes while the Safeway Select id put on many upscale items. Safeway is given to items that do not fit into the other categories such as the soda.

Branding Comes With Lower Prices

The Safeway stores have affordable prices on all their products. Whether you are looking for top of the line meats or fresh produce, you will find the prices incredibility lower than most other stores. The store brand name products are just as good if not better than some of the name brands that you see in other stores nationwide. Branding is just another way to make the store products known for a specific store chain.

If you see a product that you need, but are not familiar with the brand name, it is still a good product. It just means that the store has had the product made with its own brand name on it. Many of these products are almost exactly alike your other favorite products from such suppliers as Kraft or Nabisco. Branding is just another way to make the product exclusive to Safeway stores. If in doubt, just compare the ingredient of your name brand and you will see they are exactly alike.


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