The Scaredy-Cat’s Guide To Watching Horror Movies


We know how frightening horror movies can be – we were once scaredy-cats ourselves! So we understand that no matter how hard you try, a scary flick can occasionally be too much to take and trigger a panic attack. But horror movies are so alluring though, right? You just can’t help yourself! We ourselves always wished we could watch an entire scary film without shutting our eyes, ears, or leaving the country! It felt as though we were losing out on all the enjoyment of horror. But guess what? We got over our fears. How? Here’s what you need to do:


If you’re a scaredy-cat, but still want to join the horror party, these tricks might just help you out:

Pick a genre you can handle
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The first step is to make sure a film isn’t so frightfully scary that it would traumatise you, before you start pushing the envelope and watch truly scary flicks that terrify even horror movie aficionados. Horror films have many subgenres and scariness levels, so start with something subdued like a comedy horror, or a psychological thriller. Make sure to steer clear of films with elements that would trigger your deepest phobias (like clowns!).

Turn off visual and audio triggers


If you’ve ever watched a horror movie, you’ll have noticed that events usually follow a predictable pattern, and you can tell when something horrible is about to happen. The cues include dramatic music starting to play, or someone opening a door that they shouldn’t. That’s when you shut your eyes and stick your fingers in your ears.

Watch spoilers


Look for spoilers and trailers online before you see any movie, especially a horror one. This will sort of aid you in understanding the basic plot. Knowing what happens in a movie may make you feel more at ease while watching it (you’ll lose out on the adrenaline rush, though). Considering how predictable most horror films are, you probably won’t need to do this. But if it serves to allay your worries, why not?

Try taking in some behind-the-scenes content as well. Usually, watching a movie’s production process makes it seem less frightful and realistic. It might appear more unbelievable because the supplementary features typically go into great detail about the plot and characters. Additionally, you could read about them on certain blogs.

Watch with your buddies


Watching horror films by yourself can be thrilling, but that won’t help if you’re afraid. Horror films can seem extra scary when you’re alone and have fewer distractions. To prevent this, always go to scary movies with at least one other person. If there are more people watching, you’ll feel safer.

Keep the lights on

This is probably one of our favourite tricks.


It’s typical to have a fear of the dark. You’re unaware of what’s going on around you as a result of a lack of visual information. Of course, a lot of spooky things also occur at night. There are two methods to help you feel less frightened when watching horror films. First, try watching during the day, in a bright sunlit room, or with the lights on at night. But if you don’t want to spoil the mood for others who may be watching, then, after the movie, plug a nightlight into a nearby outlet and turn it on before you go to sleep. You’ll be able to see in the dark and be confident that no boogeymen or ghosts are pursuing you.



Tell yourself repeatedly, “it’s just make believe” until you begin to believe this. It could take some confidence and practice, but it’s crucial to keep in mind that a movie is a fictional creation. Try watching ASMR videos or listening to calming music if you have problems drifting off to sleep. If you do manage to fall asleep but wake up horrified, remain composed and tell yourself that it was a dream and that nothing that happened was real. Then persuade yourself that the fright you’re feeling is just a result of the movie. Repeat until you start to believe it and nod off once more.

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