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The SEO Sky Is Falling

The SEO Sky Is Falling

The SEO sky is falling every other month. There is a new update that wipes out competitors everywhere, and people personally lose their businesses because the search engines change something about how they work. This is a fact of life on the internet and that the truth is that any business is susceptible to these changes, it just matters how the person reacts to the problem.

The truth is that the SEO sky is only falling for those people who buy into this problem. If a person has SEO skills or has bought SEO skills then they can rebuild what they previously had if they have strong marketing skills.

This means that SEO is only a skill inside marketing as a whole. SEO is also not the only traffic source available, however, it might be the best traffic available because it is free (for the most part) and stays for a longer period of time than any other advertising model.

There are people who do lose their shirts when an SEO campaign goes sour. However, there is nothing wrong with the conversion process underneath that SEO campaign. This means that a person can send traffic to this offer and still make money; therefore, it just takes finding an alternate source of traffic to make money.

The truth is that no business should be driven just by SEO. Any business that is run only by SEO is in trouble any time a change happens on the search engines. This means that a business should have an advertising plan that includes all other forms of advertising to make sure that no change can take them down.

Obviously, the other thing that a person or business should do is test their conversion system before they have to use another system to direct traffic to their conversion funnel. This is because all the other traffic sources will cost that person money (not that SEO does not cost money. .)

This means that a person or company should enjoy their rankings as long as possible then transition to getting more traffic once they are making money to make sure that no update on any system (even if it is not an SEO change) closes their business. A person who has many avenues for getting traffic is a person who survives the SEO sky falling on them.

In conclusion, a business that does well should spend money on increasing their foot hold in a market by spending money on other advertising methods. A business that does this gives themselves leeway to make money because the loss of any source of traffic does not hurt them in the long run. This is the best position to be in online or offline because no 3rd party can take business away. A business that is self sufficient and very unlucky to have to close their doors at any point.


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