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The Social Media Optimization Expert

The Social Media Optimization Expert

A social media optimization expert is one who has the skills and experience in the field of optimizing a company's social media marketing efforts as well as its overall online presence. To be an effective social media optimization (SMO) practitioner, one must be able to provide attentive and active social media optimization services that are geared towards engaging the target market, diverting traffic, increasing visibility, and boosting the sales performance of the client's website.

SMO should not be confused with search engine optimization (SEO) as there are distinct differences. SEO is the process of optimizing a website for the purpose of obtaining a favorable ranking with the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This requires some work to be done on the site's elements such as the content pages, headers, title, and meta tags. SMO, on the other hand, is focused more on making the site, its business message, and contents accessible and easy for the target audience to understand. Instead of search engines, online users are the main targets of SMO thrusts.

Because the target audience is the main focus of SMO, a friendly tone and a more personal touch are usually required. This is in stark contrast to the cold and emotionless codes and tags commonly associated with SEO efforts. It is therefore important for the social media optimization expert to be very familiar with the target demographics and how to reach out to them. The convenience provided by the social network sites today makes it easier for SMO professional to accomplish these tasks.

The primary objective of SMO is to produce successful marketing results by creating a social buzz about the client's site using various social marketing avenues and services. This includes social network sites, blogs, vblogs, micro-blogging platforms, RSS feeds, message boards, discussion forums, 3rd party widgets, and other similar sites and applications.

If you think you are in need of expert SMO services, you need to consider a few things before deciding to hire one. First, you must determine what your specific needs are and find out if the prospect SMO provider can meet those needs. Normally, SMO experts are called in to perform services in areas such as social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube), keyword forensics, expert SEO advice, syndication, social stimulus, management and repair of damaged reputation, and other related services.

The SMO specialist must also be adept at employing the latest leveraging techniques and how they can help ensure success for your company. Ultimately, the consultant must be able to help increase your website's conversion rate. This is why the SMO consultant must also be adept and experienced in search engine optimization techniques as a lot of factors depend on the ability of the website to draw significant targeted traffic.

After all, without traffic, no amount of buzz created by social media marketing can improve the overall sales performance. SEO and SMO must therefore work together and complement each other. The social media optimization expert that you will hire must be able to address that very important concern.

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