The Ten Traits a Successful Developer Must Have


Web Development and App Development are not a cake walk. A Successful developer puts in years of hard work in order to create the masterpiece websites. Moreover, the growing trend of digital marketing has made websites and apps very important and according to a survey done by a Website Development Company, more business is expected to be done using online media than offline media in the coming future as more and more people are getting inclined towards technology.

What traits a successful developer must have?

There are a few traits which are very important for a developer to have. By taking inputs from a prominent Web Development Company and a Software Development Company, we have listed down ten most important traits needed by a good developer:

  • Curiosity: In order to become a successful developer, one needs to be curious about the latest happenings. A person who does not have the zeal to know about the happenings across the globe will never have out of the box ideas for designs. Thus, having a curious mindset and the desire to learn new things is one trait which is very much required in a developer.
  • Passionate: Web development and web designing are passion based jobs. A person who does not have the passion to code can never be a great coder. Based on a report by a well-known provider of Web Development Services of all the coders hired by them, the best ones are those who show true passion for the job and literally eat and breathe codes. So, if you’re wanting to become a good web or app developer, make sure you have a passion for the job.
  • Self-Learner: Since the digital world is a fast changing area, the person doing the development work needs to be a self-learner. So, a keen developer needs to have the ability to grasp new things and keep himself updated with the latest trends going on the digital platform.
  • Adaptable: Whenever a person starts with a web development project, the proceedings do not go as planned. Thus, for becoming a well versed developer, one has to make sure that their adaptability levels are high and that they can make themselves comfortable with all the last minute changes required in a project.
  • A good communicator: By communicator, it does not mean that the person needs to speak or write good English. A person having lack of communication skills will have a hard time in communicating with the clients and might even take the wrong way if the interpretations are not made correct. He must understand others and make them understand his points too.
  • Be a team worker: Most of the coders are lone geeks. However, if you’re wanting to be a good developer, then you must be a team player as people from different specialties are needed in order to develop a successful website or an app.
  • Proactivity: Another very desirable trait of a good developer is being proactive. A developer needs to come up with new ideas and lead from the front in order to deliver good quality websites and web apps.
  • Know the market: A good web designer must understand the market for which the site or the app is to be made and design accordingly. So, it is very important to have a clear picture of the market you are catering to if you want to become an expert in the field.
  • SEO Savvy: SEO is another field where a good programmer needs to work on. So, having good understanding of SEO and being able to work with the SEO experts is a great asset for every web developer.
  • Clarity of Thoughts: The thought process of a developer is what leads to the development of a website. Having clear thoughts and the ability to express them is what defines a good and successful developer. Therefore, you must have strong background and learn all the basic skills required for good web development before you become a successful expert.


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