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The Top Article Marketing Guy

The Top Article Marketing Guy

There once was this article marketing guy and he was a beginner at first, but once he saw his first commission check he was hooked. It was not an overnight get rich type of program and he worked very hard to be able to quit his job and move out of his parents' house. However, this article marketing guy achieved his goals and for many great reasons.

The top article marketing guy is anyone that wants to be successful working from home and is not afraid to put the time in. Many people fail to use articles for making money online and there are three major reasons why. They never achieve the success that any top article marketing guy has achieved and they really never experience freedom.

The Top 3 Reasons Some People Can not Become Article Marketing Guy or Gal

1. Lazy

Most people are lazy and they do not want to put in the time to get an online income working in their favor. Think about it this way, when you think about writing do you want to do it? Probably not, but if you knew that writing for an hour each day would bring you in a few hundred extra dollars every month, would you do it?

Most people would gladly trade an hour a day to make a few hundred dollars extra every month. We do it all the time, but the difference is when you do this with articles you will consistently be growing a business that will make you money for years to come instead of just getting paid once. Laziness, however, holds many people back from ever making money online.

2. Fear

Another thing that will keep you from becoming an article marketing guy or gal is fear. Fear of failure is what they call it, but it is really fear of success. Many people are afraid that something is not going to work so they never try it. They also are afraid it is a scam, but how can something that makes thousands a full time income and tens of thousands of a part time income be a scam?

3. Action

The main thing that keeps new marketers from succeeding with articles or with any form of online marketing is that they do not take action. You can not possibly expect to make money without putting together a plan and taking action, but many think that it is as simple as buying a guide and wishing for money.

It is not easy to make money online and many people work very hard to build their businesses before they even quit their jobs. The secret is that you have to take action, then you have to reinvest in your business until it can support itself and support you. This is the best way to go about becoming an article marketing guy or gal.

One Final Note on the Article Marketing Guy

He is just an average guy with a great work ethic and the willingness to learn. He does not have a huge amount of money for advertising and he never spent more than $ 100 a month in his first five years of online marketing. His income was created through writing articles and using them to market websites that he learned how to put up.

When he needed more traffic and more money he would spend some of his extra time writing. If he wanted to buy something or take a trip he would write extra so he could afford it. Now he lives on his own with no "real job" and he works from home. This allows him to make more money and really be the article marketing guy he always dreamed of being.

Source by Benjamin Robert Ehinger

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