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Things To Know Before Starting A Blog

Things To Know Before Starting A Blog

Starting a new blog might seem like a very simple idea. After all, anyone with a little determination and basic internet experience can establish and manage a blog. There are dozens of websites all dedicated to promoting free blogging platforms but when many of these businesses are trying to encourage new users to sign up they rarely tell you any of the downsides.

Establishing a blog is more than just answering a few questions on a sign up forms and starting write. Setting up a blog is establishing an extremely personalized web presence that requires some patience and knowledge of using FTP. If you are someone that is interested in trying out Wordpress this free blogging platform can be installed on your own domain. Wordpress boasts that all users can install the platform in five minutes but this is not always the case.

While many new hosting companies offer “one-click” install options that really will install the blogging platform in five minutes not all users have web hosts that offer this perk. Many new users will have to manually install all of the php files needed to run Wordpress. This can be a challenge to anyone that is not used to installing programs. Before tackling a manual installation talk to someone from your web hosting company to double check that they do not offer a one-click install. You do not want to labor for hours only to discover the one click install option after you have done all of the grunt work.

Once you have installed Wordpress you must take the time to pick out a good theme. Your theme is going to give all users their very first impression of your new weblog. Having a very plain theme or overly busy theme can create the incorrect impression of your blog. Also, when you are choosing a theme you must think of more than just aesthetics. After you have gotten used to dealing with one sort of theme it might be very hard to switch over to a different theme style.

When starting your blog keep in mind that not all search engine optimization tools can be used with blogging platforms. Many traffic analysis services will not work well with weblogs that are hosted on free sites or are on platforms like blogger. There are search engine optimization tools that have been made specifically for Wordpress and other blogging platforms but these tools usually only work with blogs that are hosted on their own domains with premium web hosts.

Do not let these things discourage you and keep you from becoming a successful blogger. It is extremely likely that you will be able to set up your own profitable blog but keep in mind that you will have to invest time and effort in order to properly promote your blog to the right audience. Developers are constantly creating more tools to help bloggers make their blogs search engine friendly so that your blog audience can be increased.


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