Thousands evacuated as floods hit Johor

The number of flood victims in Johor continued to rise to 2,912 people as of last night in contrast with 1,703 recorded at 8pm with Mersing the latest district to be affected by the disaster.

The state disaster management committee said in a statement that 14 temporary flood relief centres (PPS) were opened in the districts of Kota Tinggi, Kluang, Mersing and Segamat, bringing the total to 30.

“Segamat continues to be the district most affected by floods with 1,392 people from 393 families placed at 13 PPS, followed by Kluang with 785 people from 223 families housed at nine PPS,” it said.

In Kota Tinggi, a total of 471 victims from 120 families were taking shelter at six PPS, while in Mersing, 264 people from 97 families were placed at two PPS.

Jalan Senai-Gemas and Jalan Jabi-Bukit Tempurung in Segamat have been closed to all traffic, in addition to Jalan Ladang Siang, Jalan Lok Heng-Sungai Mas and Jalan Perani in Kota Tinggi.

Data from the Department of Irrigation and Drainage shows that four rivers in Johor have breached the danger level with an upward trend: Sungai Muar (river mouth of Sungai Gemas) at 19.12m, Sungai Lenik (Chaah Plantation) at 7.34m, Sungai Segamat (Segamat Kecil) at 37.9m and Sungai Kahang (Kampung Contoh) at 15.11m.

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