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Three Factors Why You Should Invest in Commodities

Three Factors Why You Should Invest in Commodities

With the national economy still in recovery mode, lots of investors who learned their lessons the hard way are now trying to knock monetary uncertainty by coming back to commodity investments, a traditional source of stability. Investments in gold bullion, silver bars, coins, and important mining metals help ease widespread fears about unsteady markets, the specter of a double-dip recession, and inflationary practices by in-the-red governments. Investing in precious metals quickly appears as an effortless, proven, and secure path to financial security for three basic reasons:

1. Play it Close to the Chest with Precious Metals

It is widely understood – and legitimately feared – that the zealous overprinting practices and reduced interest rates of central banks all over the world will derail global economic output and recovery. Printing additional money than a government can safely back forces investors and average citizens to worry themselves with palpable fears about inflation and stagflation, regressive economic states which will drive down the value of a dollar overnight.

The value of precious metals like gold, silver, and mining metals stays stable in the course of excellent times – and skyrockets in the course of the poor. When all of the economic indicators are pointing down, gold, silver, and other metals point up, precisely since these commodities are needed across the world for so many reasons. The reality that investors can store commodities like these in a secure or in non-fungible storage with a bank portends nicely for any person who requirements to rely on gold or silver. As soon as the economy recovers, or you need the cash, you’ll be able to always exchange these commodities for their monetary worth.

2. Precious Metals are a Diverse Bunch

Events like recent uprisings within the Middle-East cause sudden spikes in the value of commodities. Gold is among them. One troy ounce of gold, or about 31.10 grams, worth $31.00 in early January, now rates at $1,396.30 as of this article’s writing. Any person can follow the “yellow brick road” by investing in gold and riding the sudden surges to greater value for their investments.

For far more careful investors, silver bars and bullion emerge as commodities that are less complicated to fully grasp. Smaller markets for silver in the United States and U.K. translate to increased stability. Additionally, the slow rise up the silver ladder seems to be coming, with Money Morning forecasting that the value for silver can increase to $50 per ounce in 2012, signaling a 150% spike.

3. Emerging Markets Hunger for Precious Metals

In addition to the usual interest in gold and silver, precious metals also incorporate key baseline metals needed for the production of industrial products in emerging markets, such as those in China, India, and Brazil. Investors would be wise to ride bargain possibilities found in silver as well as coal and steel, which lots of markets rate in some of the exact same categories as their prettier cousins.

Why? It is no secret that state-funded organizations in China and India are gobbling up precious metals in domestic and foreign markets, importing large amounts of silver, coal, and steel. These commodities are utilized to fire up factories, produce sophisticated instruments for solar panels along with other alternative energy items. With a green-tech revolution past the tipping point, precious metals like silver will continue to rise in value and develop fresh capital opportunities for investors abroad.

Confident in the long-term reliability and new opportunities that these markets represent, any investor can see that now is the time to invest in commodities – and thus in the future.


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