Timex Wr50m


Timex is a world class well recognition brand with high quality, affordable price and long life span. Of all the watches manufactured by Timex, WR50M is one of the best selling in the market.

However, getting a Timex WR50M may give you a complicated feeling. It is undeniable that for a Timex fan, getting a WR50M as your latest watch collection is something cool, but at the same time that watch can drive you nuts if you do not know the right way to change the time. Sometimes, even the manual handbook will not help!

Before you start scratching your head, first get to know the four buttons found on the face of the watch. The four buttons are set beginning from left to right and top to bottom, each represents the “set” button, the “start/stop” button, the “mode” button and lastly the “indiglo” button.

To set the time, first you have to press on the “set” and “start/stop” buttons at the same time. The digits that representing “seconds” will then start to blink. This blinking sign actually indicates that you are now able to set your time. The next thing you should do is to press on the “mode” button. This button functions by increasing or decreasing the digits to adjust the date and time. The final step is to press on the “set button” to finalize the date and time. Not that difficult right?

However, not all Timex W450M works so smoothly. If the method above fails, you would probably need to seek from the internet, or look through the manual book again. The manual book may attach other methods to set the date and time.

Also, double check if you have got the buttons correctly. Lastly, for those who lost their manual book, you can always download it from Timex website.

At the end, although Timex WR450 frustrates you when you try to set your time, the quality of the watch is undeniable. Moreover, the affordable selling price and replaceable wrist bands available in different design will not stop Timex fans to stop in getting it into their collection.


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