Tips For Bloggers – 3 Steps How To Attract Incoming Links To Your Blog


Popularity level for a blog was calculated from number incoming links pointed to it. If you want to get traffic to your blog, you need to increase the number of incoming links. The good news is, there is a way for you to attract links. Would you like to know the steps on how to do it? They were revealed below.

Step 1: Write unique blog posts, as unique as possible, as many as possible.

The unique post is a post topic that has never been published before by any other bloggers. You need to be creative doing this. Do some research on your own Find a topic that you discovered other bloggers has never write about it. If you discovered the topic you want to write has been written by other bloggers before, rewrite it but make it become a better one. Mix it with your own idea. Talk using your personal style. Other bloggers will link to it because they found it interesting.

Step 2: Write helpful article consistently.

Would you like to know how the popular blogs attracts so many links? It was because they published many helpful articles. The main criteria when yopu want to publish good article is to make it full of helpful content. Visualize that you are writing for a friend so your post becomes natural. Write step by step instructions. People and other bloggers love to read this kind of article. When they love to read it, they will link to your post.

Step 3: Be smart, be ahead of the curve.

To attract many links from other blogs, you need to be smart and be the first to publish a new information, such as breaking news or a new discovery. You can be a smart blogger by knowing lots of information. Read a lot, Spend 6 hours a day just by reading latest stuff. Keep in mind that to be highly respected by other blogger and to make them link to your blog posts, you need to be the first. Speed is the key point.


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