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Tips on Website Design

Tips on Website Design

To sell a product or a service, you must convince your customers to buy.

To convince your customers to buy, your website design must give the customers the content and tools that they need to reach a buying decision.

Do not expect your customers to know your product or service and to know the differences between your products or services.

The more informative and helpful your website design, the more confidence it gives your customers to make a buying decision.

Therefore, design your website to be a more of a helping tool than a selling tool.

Here's the way to design your website the right way, from the beginning …

First – Simplify your options. The more the merrier does not apply here. Giving customer too many options to choose from, customer may find it harder to make decision. When this happens, it is high chance that customer stop buying.

Next – Make your website design easy for your customer to decide between options. Describe your products or services in terms of their uses and their benefits. Start with the most important features and benefits first to grab customer's attention.

Try as much as possible, limit the use of technical terms.

For products, do not limit yourself to one photo per product. Use sufficient photos to show the details of your products.

Always give your customer a handy comparison tool to help your customer to compare and differentiate your products or services at one glance.

Lastly – Proactively address known concerns. If there are known concerns about your products or services, to proactive and address them upfront. One nice way to put them across to your customer is to address them in the "frequently ask question" session of your website.

The other common concerns which you must address are customer security and privacy concerns. You must give customer the reassurance that it is safe to shop and buy at your website.

By proactively removing these decision barriers in your website design, you bring your customer one step closer to buy your product or buy your service.a

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