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Tips to Becoming a Virtual Customer Service Agent

Tips to Becoming a Virtual Customer Service Agent

Malaysians, along with Indians and Filipinos, are known to have a greater fluency in English, when compared to other Asian countries. However, Malaysians do usually have a relatively higher education level than the latter two. If you are Malaysian, or just happened to live in Malaysia, you have a much better chance to work as Virtual Customer Service Agent, as more and more western companies are now outsourcing to Asian countries.

If you fluent in English and enjoy working online, follow these next few tips to improve your chance of becoming a Virtual Customer Service Agent:

* Treat a virtual customer service interview just like you would a direct interview. It does not mean that you can be less professional just because you are not sitting across the table from your interviewer. Avoid background noises in your home, such as barking dogs, crying babies, or a television.

* The interviewer will judge your typing and phone manner; because your voice and skill will be the virtual representation of the company. You should plan that the interview will take approximately 60 minutes in order for them to judge these skills properly.

* Applicants are asked to read a script with clarity and enthusiasm, which for some people can be very demanding. You will be judged if you stumble, so keep your voice calm and slow if you are unsure about certain words or phrases.

* You should be flexible about your willing work schedule. Tell the interviewer that you are willing to work at least fifteen hours a week, and are ready to work on weekends and nights. If you are willing to work less popular shifts, such as evenings or holidays, this will make you much more desirable to an employer.

* Once you have proven your abilities, be willing to improve your skills even further. If you are asked to take a course or learn a particular skill, eagerly agree! It will only benefit you in the end with an increased skill set.

* Show adequate skills and comfort level with the latest telecommunication technology. If your language, customer service, and / or sales skills are strong, but your computer and internet related skills are weak, fix these weak areas before applying. Consider taking one or two computer courses at the local community college to improve your confidence and technology comfort level. Virtual Customer Service is computer-based work, so nobody can overlook this vital step.

Take some time to check out companies that employ virtual customer service agents to see which may give you the best job opportunity. If you are new to this field, do not be discouraged by a company that offers you lower wage for the first few months. Geographical availability and skill requirements should also affect your decisions on which company to apply to. Think about the long term opportunities and where you will have the best chance for success.


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