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Tips to Hiring the RIGHT Website Designer

Tips to Hiring the RIGHT Website Designer

While we can all agree that websites do not happen magically – there's a lot of work that goes into those websites that work well and are pleasant to look at – it can be harder to figure out how to hire a website design team that will give your business the kind of web design you envision. Of course, the decision is further clouded because there are innumerable choices available these days, from hiring a freelancer all the way up to choosing a big website design firm specializing in high-end web designs. Sydney business owners like business owners across the globe, these days are presented with a wide variety of choices – and choice is good, right?

Sure, having abundant choices is great, until it leads to analysis paralysis.

Your website will determine the level of business activity you can conduct online. It will determine online – even SMS messaging – methods for communicating with existing and new customers. It will additionally act as your press box and your virtual business' front door. So, you do not want to play around with a decision that's this important.

Let's take a look at some hints that will help you hire the best website designer or web design team for your website design:

1) Do a little thinking upfront first. For example, does your website design need to have a completely unique, one-of-a-kind look, or can it have a similar layout and look and feel of other sites on the web? For those businesses with just a few products, or those starting out, a template option may work just fine to keep funds down at the start while they grow their business. For those with an established business, a large number of customers, and a larger number of products, it may make more sense to put a little more effort, time and money into the website to keep their brand growing.

2) Do a little homework upfront as well. Look, any creative and established website designer or web design firm will have a number of satisfied clients, so interview them as references of course, but you should also ask them – even if they ended up happy with the work – what went wrong, what was bumpier than they expected in the process? You've been surprised what a little digging can reveal about a firm.

3) Learn from the mistakes of other businesses. You're a connected business owner, so call up other business owners and ask them what they would do differently when selecting a website designer or web design firm. Ask how long the process took, what it involved, and what you should expect. Sure, you can ask who they hired after, but finding out the dirt about their website design project will go a long way toward clearing how you should tackle your own.

Before you hire an individual or a firm to build your website, it's important to spend a little time surfing – on the web, that is. By spending some time working with other sites, you'll know what features you want and need in your own website design. Sydney business owners, like all business owners, need to think carefully about the options you want to provide your customers – for communicating with your teams, for ordering your products, for providing feedback, for obtaining information or support. Then, list those as requirements for your business' site.

Do not just note the things you like – take note of the things you dislike as well. A list like this can go a long way toward helping any designer give you exactly what your business wants and needs while avoiding the features that irritate. Remember, if the feature bugs you, it will probably bug your customers as well. Either way, it's a great point of discussion with the designer you choose and it shows the designer that you've done your homework and you really care about the details of your business' website.


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