TnG EWallet Adds MyCyberShield Personal Data Protection To Its List Of Services


Touch ‘n Go (TnG) Digital today has launched the new MyCyberShield personal data protection solution for its TnG eWallet. Introduced as part of the #JagaDataKita campaign organised by the company and the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), this new feature aims to provide an equal and secure digital lifestyle to the platform’s users from all walks of life, and at affordable rates. The launch itself was also officiated by Comms Minister Fahmi Fadzil.

The new MyCyberShield service, which is co-developed by Finnish cybersecurity firm F-Secure, is currently deployed in phases on the TnG eWallet platform. According to the firm’s president and CEO Timo Laaksonen, the first phase offers Identity Protection with Cyber Help feature, which enables subscribers to protect their and their family members’ multiple identities such as email address, credit card, phone number, MyKad/NRIC, passport, bank accounts, and usernames. He added that the second phase will see more cybersecurity defences introduced, including exploring the potential of product bundling with TnG Digital Financial Services such as Wallet Safe and other relevant insurance products.


MyCyberShield basically monitors your email address or any other personal information that you’ve provided for any existing data breaches. Should one or more are detected, the service will then provide you with a detailed report on which platform associated with your data that has been compromised, and label them with different severity levels. It will also notify you of any new breaches, prompting you to take early action before bad actors could take advantage of the situation.


Meanwhile, its Cyber Help function provides subscribers with personalised assistance when dealing with intricate identity theft cases. And should the need arise, users are also offered the ability to reach out to F-Secure via phone to receive expert guidance for their next step.

Keep in mind that MyCyberShield is not like an antivirus, where you can eliminate threats with just one click. Instead, it helps you to be aware of your personal data’s safety at all times, and provide you with basic advice as well as recommend actions for handling potential breaches. But as noted by Laaksonen, more cybersecurity measures are expected to be introduced on the service in the near future.

TnG eWallet MyCyberShield launch

To access the service, simply click on the Goprotect icon on TnG Ewallet’s homepage, and then tap on MyCyberShield. Be reminded that you need to be subscribed first before you can utilise its offerings. Subscriptions are available at RM9.99 for three months, RM18.99 for six months, and RM36.99 for 12 months. For a limited time, TnG is offering RM3 cashback to eWallet users who sign up for MyCyberShield from 25 August to 30 September 2023. A five-day free trial is also available, though monitoring will only be limited to just your email address.

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