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To Leverage the Business Benefits of Cloud, Hire Cloud Developers

To Leverage the Business Benefits of Cloud, Hire Cloud Developers

Sunny Ghosh, Director, Wolf Frameworks, once commented “The end of Fashion IT -customers will only pay for value and not technology… With the advent of Web 3.0 or Cloud Computing or platforms.., what we are witnessing is that everyone can innovate. So yes, Cloud computing will turn the tables and fire up innovation and consumerism to the scale never seen before… ” Nothing could have more apt commentary on how the entire business ecosystem has changed with the advent of the cloud computing.

Necessity is the mother of invention and therefore, one can safely conclude that cloud evolved as a result of the increased need for cost efficiency and resource optimization. As a result of this, the market has witnessed a great demand to hire cloud developers. Well it’s no more nebulous. With the passage of time, the business benefits of cloud have become clear to the enterprises. Some of these benefits are:

• Enhanced customer-partner relationship: Traditional point to point business model no longer offer flexibility for ensuing business relationships. With the market getting flooded with choices, it has become extremely challenging to retain a customer. Therefore it is important to have flexible Service Level Agreements to ensure easy exchange of information and robust support.

• Improved revenue: Cloud based solutions improve customer facing business thereby directly impacting both the top line and the bottom line. This point towards a subsequent improvement in the metrics such as retention, order size, revenue and margin.

• Increased order accuracy: The e-commerce industry has significantly benefited from the cloud through seamless integration of procurement processes using cloud base solution. The cloud based solutions not only offer accuracy in order management but also eliminate manual intervention thereby, improving inventory management.

• Quicker time to market: Cloud based technologies have a gone a long way in significantly improving the business agility thereby, enabling enterprises to deliver its products and services efficiently and quickly to meet the market demands.

• A competitive niche in the market: Cloud based services has diminished all infrastructural and resources barriers that used to be a yardstick for judging enterprises. Now the market competition solely rests on innovation and the quality of services offered. This is because cloud based solutions offer small enterprises and the SMBs to leverage updated tools and technologies at a cost effective rate.

• Reduced CAPEX: In an age of stringent business conditions, conventional integration solutions can prove to be costly. Not only this, constant updation of the software and hiring a dedicated resource might take a toll on the IT budget. In the case of cloud, enterprises leverage software as a service and pay for what they use thereby, eliminating the need to hire resources and buy software packages.

The cloud has definitely become clearer and is definitely raining in a lot of money. So let us analyze how cloud computing is majorly changing the IT landscape globally. Especially for the SMBs, this means leveraging cloud based services such as Google Apps,, Quick Books Online, Skype and Highrise. These dramatically brings down the software and computing costs as one does not have to hire resources and pay licensing fees. To top it all, cloud based technologies help SMBs to align their IT infrastructure with the business processes. They recognize the exact IT solutions that they require and leverage them from cloud. These benefits have greatly spurred the cloud development market thereby, scaling up the demand to hire cloud developers.


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