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Malaysia Top 10

Top 10 Caves in Malaysia

Top 10 Caves in Malaysia

Love an adventure, exploring nature’s best and the beautifully shaped vertical chimneys and horizontal galleries of Malaysia? Here is a list to help you discover the ten best caves to explore!

Deer Cave

This are got its name because of the large population of deer that came here to lick the salt off the rocks in here. This is a beautiful cave in Miri that exhibits beautiful geological features and is a must visit for those explore the Gunung Mulu National Park

Batu Caves

The Batu Caves is a well-known cave that is the site of the Hindu temple. If you are interested in exploring the culture of the people who revere the site, then the best time to come here would be during the festival of Thaipusum. The staircase leading to the cave is very steep and the entrance has a large statue of the Hindu deity.

Gua Tempurung

You cannot explore caves and not come to Tempurung Cave. This scenic limestone site in Perak is by far the largest natural limestone cave in the Peninsular and has many beautiful sights to explore inside it. The subterrain site is a magnificent sight to behold from the outside and you should know that this site is even older than the mountains that rise around it!

Gua Kelam 2

This particular site is situated in the smallest state in Malaysia; the state of Perlis but it is far from small. This magnificent cave holds beautiful treasures of nature and is a great place to explore for those looking for some adventure

Gunung Senyum Caves

The caves at Gunung Senyum are amazing ones that are home to the seven pools of water and are surrounded by legends and myths.

Gua Nasib Bagus

This site will definitely mesmerize you with its largest underground chamber in the world. The cave has been deemed a World Heritage Site and is definitely a great reason to head to Sarawak to explore the wonders this site has to offer.

Gomantong Cave

This is certainly a great horizontal chamber to visit in Sabah that features an intricate subterrain system perfect for a day of adventure.

Wind Cave

Kuching is home to the Wind Cave. The site gets its name because of the cool breeze that always blows throughout the cavern. Here is a great place to see bats in the caverns. The stream that runs through the cave is another great reason to come here and just relax while you enjoy a picnic in this beautiful cave.

Fairy Cave

This site is situated in the town of Bau, Sarawak. A stalagmite structure at the entrance of the subterrain resembles that of a Chinese deity, Kuan Yin revered by Buddhist devotees. Get inside the cave and see the play of lights and the mysterious darkness inside the cave.

Niah Cave

We have saved the best for the last. The Niah Cave is a must visit because it was here that Tom Harrison discovered the oldest human skull in all of South East Asia. This magnificent cave was home to the pre-historic humans and there is nothing better than threading the caverns and chambers here as you see what it was like to live in a subterrain and see the many archaeological findings right here on the walls here!


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